Faculty Selection Process

Step 1: Applications received would be circulated among area members who would shortlist candidates who can be called for subsequent process of selection. 

Step 2: The short listed candidates would be required to take a teaching session of 90 minutes with the students. This would serve as a trial class to evaluate the ability of the candidate to face a class, teach and handle questions from students.

Step 3: Based on the class room teaching performance candidates would be further shortlisted. Candidates with unsatisfactory teaching performance will not be allowed to move further into the selection process.

Step 4: Candidates shortlisted after the teaching session would be required to give a research presentation.

Step 5: Subsequent to the research presentation, the candidates would be interviewed. All candidates who give a research presentation would be interviewed.

Step 6: The final decision of whether or not to hire a faculty would be taken based on various inputs for teaching sessions, research presentation and interview. Reference calls would be made to verify the academic and work experience background of the candidate. Authenticity of educational qualifications would also be checked against original degrees/ certificates and doing any other verification, if required.

Faculty Recruitment Application Form

(filled application form may please be sent to


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