Program Structure and Curriculum

The curriculum for the PGDM (Banking & Financial Services) program is spread over six trimesters with core courses being covered in the first year and elective courses for specialization being covered in the second year. The first year covers compulsory courses which include basics in various functional areas: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations. Besides this it also includes courses like Economics, Statistics and Information Technology. The elective courses provide more focused specialization within the Banking & Financial Services domain. Summer Internship Program is mandatory after the completion of first year.

Courses – B&FS Area

  • HRM for Banking & Financial Services
  • Financial Accounting & Analysis
  • Financial Management-I
  • Information Systems for Banking & Financial Services 
  • Financial Management II
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Financial Markets & Services  
  • Bank Management
  • Legal & Regulatory Environment for Banking & Financial Services
  • Financial & Commodity Derivatives
  • Equity Research & Portfolio management
  • Fixed Income securities
  • Credit Evaluation, Monitoring & Recovery Management 
  • Risk Management in Banking and Financial Services

Courses – Other Areas

  • Strategic Management
  • Business Mathematics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Indian Economic Policy
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing of Banking & Financial services
  • Research Methods for     Management
  • Business Statistics
  • Information Technology for Decision Making
  • Managerial Communication I & II
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Operations Management for Services
  • Business Analytics
  • Principles & Practices of Corporate Governance
  • Customer Relationship Management

* the list is indicative and is subject to periodic restructuring in line with current industry demand

 A combined list of electives offered for the three PGDM program(s) is provided at the end of the brochure.

Summer Internship Program (SIP)

On completion of the first year, all students are required to undergo a Summer Internship Program of 8 to 10 weeks duration. This helps them to gain hands-on experience in the application of core concepts and functional skills. This practice of ‘Learning by Doing’ enables the student to relate the rigor of theory in the world of business. The students work on projects specified by the company in which they undergo SIP. At the end of the summer internship which is done under the supervision of a company executive and a faculty mentor, students are required to submit a report to the company and to the institute. The concerned company executive normally provides feedback to the Institute on the student’s performance. Successful completion of Summer Internship Program is an essential requirement for the award of Post-Graduate Diploma at IMI, Delhi.


Faculty members at IMI, Delhi enjoy academic freedom to adopt appropriate pedagogy for imparting education in respective courses. Pedagogy is normally a combination of lectures, case discussions, presentations, assignments and project work. The primary emphasis is on interactive and participative methods of learning. Faculty members for all the programs are primarily in-house from the Institute but may also include adjunct or visiting faculty. Guest lectures from industry practitioners are also organized regularly to expose students to the current business environment and practices.

Schedule of classes

Classes for the PGDM program are held every day starting at about 9.00 am and may extend up to late evening hours, if needed. Classes may sometimes be organized on weekends, to suit the requirements of the program. Each class is of 90 minutes duration. Attendance is compulsory. Classes shall tentatively begin during early July 2019.




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