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International Management Institute
B-10, Qutab Institutional Area, Tara Crescent, New Delhi - 110016 India

Phone Numbers: +91-11-47194100, +91-11-47194200, +91-11-46012729, +91-11-26528276, +91-11-26529237

Fax: +91-11-46012729

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Contact Persons

ContactPerson NameTelephoneEmail
Director General Dr. Himadri Das [email protected]
Dean (Academics) Prof. Sonu Goyal +91-11-47194137 [email protected]
Dean, Research, Accreditations and Regulatory Affairs Prof. Neena Sondhi +91-11-47194108 [email protected]
Registrar Prof. Shailendra Nigam +91-11-47194103 [email protected]
Head (Faculty Selection, Evaluation & Development) Dr. Himadri Das
Editor (Global Business Review) Prof. Arindam Banik +91-11-47194113 [email protected]
Programme Chair (PGDM) Prof. Arnab Deb +91-11-47194111 [email protected]
Programme Chair (PGDM - HR) Prof. Swati Dhir +91-11-47194197 [email protected]
Programme Chair (PGDM - Banking & Financial Services) Prof. Monika Chopra +91-11-47194186 [email protected]
Programme Chair 18 Month PGDM Prof. D.K.Batra +91-11-47194195 [email protected]
Area Chair (Economics) Prof. Rajeev Anantaram +91-11-47194155 [email protected]
Area Chair (Finance) Prof. R.K.Arora +91-11-47194128 [email protected]
Area Chair (IT) Prof. Prerna Lal +91-11-47194127 [email protected]
Area Chair (Marketing) Prof. Pinaki Das Gupta +91-11-47194337 [email protected]
Area Chair (OB & HR) Prof. Jai Prakash Upadhyay +91-11-47194138 [email protected]
Area Chair (Operations) Prof. Kakali Kanjilal +91-11-47194122 [email protected]
Area Chair (Strategy & General Management) Prof. Ashutosh Khanna +91-11-47194123 [email protected]
Chairperson-Branding and Media Mr. Sundeep Yadav +91-11-47194227 [email protected]
Registrar Office Ms. Vandana Sehgal 47194184 [email protected]
Director General Office Ms. Soma Jana 47194102/187 [email protected]
Head- Career Services & Alumni Relations Amit Ghosh +91-11-47194201 [email protected]
Chief Financial Officer Mr. R.K.Singh 47194163 [email protected]
Graduate Programmes Incharge Ms. Jiji 47194179 [email protected]
Programme Office- PGDM Second Year Mr. Pankaj Sharma 47194313 [email protected]
Programme Office- PGDM First Year Ms. Shalini Rawat 47194222 [email protected]
Programme Office- PGDM (BFS) Ms. Sanchali Sinha 47194199 [email protected]
Programme Office- PGDM (HRM) Ms Pushpa Vinod 47194191 [email protected]
Programme Office- 18 Month PGDM Ms. Vijaya 47194207 [email protected]
MDP Office Amit Ghosh 47194201 [email protected]
Global Business Review Office Ruby Thakur 47194173 [email protected]
Programme Office (FPM) Ms. Sarojini Rawat 47194196 [email protected]
Facilities & Administration Office Mr. Sunil Kumar 47194202 [email protected]
Computer Centre Mr. Dinesh Sharma 47194167 [email protected]
Admission Office Admission Office 47194176/47194194 [email protected]
Library & Information Centre Mr. Anup Sharma 47194169 [email protected]