Corporate Outbound Training ( C-OBT)

Outbound training - also known as OBT Training - is an innovative approach to team building and personal development that utilises experiential learning, outdoor activities and adventure sports. By engaging in actual experience-based activities, individuals and teams can develop greater understanding of themselves, their motivations, and how they interact within their team environments.

Corporate Outbound Training - OBT Training is an evidence-based effective training method for enhancing employee and team behaviours and organizational performance through participation in
outdoor activities and experiential learning methodology.

​Outbound Training generally revolves around outbound activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, performance, planning, change management, delegation, teamwork, and motivation.

​​The participants are engaged in outbound training activities that are immersive and real-time. These outbound learning experiences create opportunities for various understandings and insights to be generated for the participants based on their learning needs and desired outcomes