Alumni Interaction with the Students

Our alumni impart their knowledge and experience to the students on a one-to-one basis to help them train for the real-world experience through various events organised by the Alumni Relations Committee.

Alumni Flagship Events

Harbingers of Change:

The Alumni Relations Committee successfully organised the third virtual version of Harbingers of Change in August 2022, to help the first-year students prepare for their summer internship placement interviews. The theme of HOC '22, ‘Aligning the trajectory’, represented the idea of aligning the aspirations of students in the right direction and helping them expand their horizons in various dimensions, making them capable of taking steps towards their future goals. The event navigated the students’ efforts toward honing the skills required for a successful professional career. 81 esteemed alumni from various backgrounds and specialisations participated in the event from across the world. The Achievers gave the students invaluable feedback that would help them excel in their endeavours and take full advantage of the upcoming opportunities.

Corporate Confab:

Corporate Confab 2022 was organised in the month of October for the second-year students to prepare them for their final placement process. The theme for Corporate Confab 2022 was ‘Embellishing by Virtuoso’. The students gained valuable insights from the alumni on how to tackle apprehension and roadblocks that they might encounter during corporate interviews. The mock interviews were conducted by 57 esteemed alumni, who guided the students by sharing their own industry expertise. These interviews helped in stimulating the skills required for the future pursuits of the final-year students. The event fostered a professional spirit in the budding managers, driving them towards the path to excellence.