IMI’s large faculty body ensures that all functional areas are well represented and the basket of courses offered by these areas is fairly exhaustive. The six broad functional areas are:

Each area offers relevant compulsory courses to be taken by all students in a given academic program. In addition, each area also offers a wide range of contemporary elective courses for students to take in pursuit of their specific interests. Each area functions as a body of faculty members with interest in that area, headed by an Area Chairperson. The areas meet regularly to discuss course curriculum and pedagogy issues for courses to be offered. Each area has an external advisory council of corporate senior executives and faculty from other reputed business schools, who are from that functional area. The area meets with this external advisory council once every two years to critically assess all courses for relevance in the current business environment. This often leads to a significant overhaul and ensures contemporary relevance of all courses. Students are encouraged to suggest new elective courses that the area evaluates with the external advisory council for relevance.