IMI Contribution to the Alumni’s Growth and Development


The Alumni Relations Committee organised a one-of-its-kind event, Masterclass, on 26th March 2022. The remarkable guest speaker for the session was Mr. Viswanathan Anand, the Indian Chess Grandmaster. He shared various lessons from his life with an aim to motivate the alumni audience to face obstacles in the path of life with a strong will and determination. Masterclass 2022 witnessed humungous participation from the esteemed alumni as well as the faculty members of the institute. Mr. Anand diligently answered the audience's queries and tried to guide them on the path to solutions through his experiences. The committee received appreciation from the audience for organising the insightful session and looks forward to organising more such exhilarating events in the future.

Job Posting

The Alumni Relations Committee leverages its huge alumni base for job postings within the alumni network. We post nearly 3 job postings every week for designations ranging from sales manager to Chief Executives.

This Vertical works on direct interaction with the notable Alumni who wants to give back to their alma mater by giving job to other Alumni. Alumni from all over the world can share the vacancies/ refer to other for opening in their companies.