Student Council

The Student Council serves as the apex body that represents the student community of IMI New Delhi. It functions as a vital link between the management and the student, responsibly voicing the concerns and feedback of the students to the management in accordance with the institution's protocol. It also serves as the single point of communication for students with any external entity interested in interacting with the student community. It ensures the coordination and effective functioning of all the Student Bodies at the Institute.
The Student Council organizes the Annual Management Conclave "Conventus" and successfully coordinates and oversees the Institute's Annual Management, Cultural, and Sports festival "Kritva". Additionally, the Student Council conducts the induction program for the incoming batch and ensures effective planning and allocating of the budget for student bodies.

The Council operates with due diligence to ensure the quality of each event happening within the institution by closely monitoring them. Moreover, it assists in conflict resolution between student bodies, further amplifying the welfare of students.
The Student Council's primary function is to engage students in the continuous growth of the institute by actively working toward student welfare. It is the embodiment of the student body's voice and operates with utmost sincerity to accomplish its responsibilities effectively. In addition to this, the council is responsible for ensuring discipline and security within the premises of the institution, while maintaining strict adherence to the established protocols and guidelines.
The Student Council consists of four elected representatives from the batch:

Yogesh Sellam President
K.S.S. Rohith General Secretary, Clubs 
 Satvik Jain The General Secretary, Events and Societies 
 Anushka Pachauri The General Secretary, Student Affairs