Every year, various events have been organised that feature the alumni as speakers. They are listed as follows:


This event features prominent alumni from various batches who interact with young minds and share their corporate journeys and experiences. It aims to give the curious first year insight into the various industries that they have the potential to be a part of. The alumni interactions help the students in taking wise decisions about career choices and broadening their horizons about MBA life.

Torchbearers’23 conducted in online mode saw notable industry leaders like

  1. Mr. Abhishek Mukherjee Account CTO, Microsoft UK,
  2. Ms. Arshiya Singh, Sr Manager Global compensation, BCG,
  3. Ms. Nayan Aswal, HR Manager, Beckton Dickinson Technology,
  4. Mr. Nipun Bhatia (Business Consultant, Adobe),
  5. Ms. Sanjuta Goel, Commercial Portfolio manager, Wells Fargo,
  6. Ms. Sanya Nakra, Brand Manager, Yum Brands- KFC.

The theme for Torchbearers'23 was “Unleashing the Potential”.

PGDM & PGDM-BFS Curriculum Panel Discussion

Post-COVID scenarios with hybrid work mode and digitization of processes required organisations to re-evaluate their business models. This had a significant implication on the role of managers, therefore, it is crucial to review what is currently being taught in the PGDM program to align it with industry requirements.

With this in mind, the PGDM Curriculum Panel Discussion was organised between the alumni and the faculty members. With the rich experience of the esteemed alumni, insightful and relevant points regarding the ongoing curriculum structure were brought up and discussed at length.

As part of the continuous efforts of the institute to incorporate latest industry trends into the course curriculum, a PGDM – BFS Curriculum Panel Discussion was also organised.

Some key areas of discussion were:

  • 1. Topics and certifications that might be helpful for the students to gain competitive advantage
  • 2. The significant areas of thrust for students
  • 3. Themes that are losing relevance and becoming obsolete
  • 4. Emerging trends in the banking and financial services domain
  • 5. Skills that need to be emphasised during their coursework

As experienced professionals, the alumni became a great source of various new additions and changes in the ongoing curriculum structure to align the program with industry standards and hence, better prepare the future managers.

Analytics Curriculum Panel Discussion 

Post-COVID scenarios with process digitization and intensifying market competition are accelerating the use of Analytics for its problem-solving and forecasting capabilities. As technology continues to advance, this area will play an even more important role in the organisation, providing students with promising future prospects.

With this in mind, the Analytics Curriculum Panel Discussion was conducted between the alumni and the faculty members from the analytics domain. With the rich experience of the esteemed alumni, insightful and relevant points regarding the ongoing curriculum structure were brought up and discussed at length. Major points of discussion were the new trends in the industry, certification courses, and relevant skills for students, among others.

Operations Panel Discussion

To help the first-year students understand the opportunities offered by the operations domain, the expected career trajectory, and the importance of operations in day-to-day functioning of a business, an Operations Panel Discussion was conducted between the alumni from the field of Operations and the faculty members of IMI, New Delhi. This discussion helped the students to get a brief about the experience of the esteemed alumni and their day-to-day work activities.