The Marketing Club

Marketing Club at IMI New Delhi stands for innovation, creativity and expressiveness. Mentored by eminent marketing faculty of the institute, the club enables students to stay in touch with the changing trends and tactics in marketing and provides a platform to interact with industry veterans through summits and workshops conducted over the year. It promotes communication between the students of prominent B-schools through national-level events like Markagon, Excalibur, and Brandaccio which are a blend of case studies, live simulations and quizzes, and intra-college events like Markrypt and Clash of Sections. The club is a fervent apostle of creativity and innovation and strives to inculcate the same in the students through regular events.

Club Members
  • Ria Arora - Secretary
  • Aagosh Tyagi - Joint Secretary
  • Amrita Singhania
  • Dhairya Malhotra
  • Divyanshi Singh Patel
  • Hardik Kapoor
  • Pulkit Kayal
  • Varnika Singhal
List of Events
  • Markrypt
  • Marketing Summit - Conventus
  • Markagon
  • Clash of Sections
  • Brandaccio
  • Excalibur

The Information Management & Analytics Club

The Information Management & Analytics Club of IMI or IMAC is an academic club that is focused on imparting information and educating students on the latest technologies dominating businesses, particularly in the fields of data management and business intelligence. The club's vision is to make students aware of the rapid changes and innovations taking place in the field of information technology and analyze how such developments can be leveraged in the corporate world effectively. With the evolution of information technology and analytics, companies have revolutionized how they deliver their offerings resulting in enhanced productivity and transforming the lives of people and society at large. The club aims to conduct a plethora of discussions, b-plan quizzes, case study competitions, and workshops around developing IT skill sets to manage data, enterprise systems, data mining, and intelligence, data security, big data, and analytics to enhance participants’ understanding of various trends in the IT industry and to prepare them for career opportunities in the domain of IT.

Club Members
  • Rohil Setia - Secretary
  • Bhavpreet Kathuria
  • Chand Ahluwalia
  • Cibin Varghese
  • Gauthaam Mg
  • Koustubh Akella
  • Priya Agarwal
  • Shashwat Gulati
List of Events
  • The Analytics Summit
  • La Casa De Datos
  • Advolution
  • Karmanta
  • Time N Terror
  • The Analytics Workshop
  • Analytics Webinar

The Finance Club

The Finance club works to achieve the goal of providing a constructive platform for helping the finance enthusiasts to grow and apply the theoretical concepts they have learnt in real life. The club organizes many events that cover the various verticals within Finance including stock markets, investments, equity research, financial policies etc. through competitions, workshops and speaker sessions. Some of the events of the Finance club are Globus Feneratus - an online stock simulation game, the Annual Finance Summit as a part of Annual Business Conclave - Conventus, Workshop on Equity Research and Fin Charades. The club also issues a weekly blogpost -The Edge, with articles covering issues of concern in the finance domain. In order to provide updates to a wider audience about the dynamic business world, the club also has its presence on all social media platforms.

Club Members
  • Pranjul Kapoor - Secretary
  • Ansh Gupta - Joint Secretary
  • Alisha Mittal
  • Debolina Mukherjee
  • Kautuk Srivastava
  • Shreya Setia
  • Shubham Deokar
  • Tanvi Jaggi
List of Events
  • Globus Feneratus
  • Fincharades
  • Finertia
  • Edge–Article Writing Competition
  • Finance Summit
  • Forevision Workshop
  • Fin-O-Menal
  • FinShiksha Workshop

The Operations Club

The Operations Club focuses on raising awareness, interest and knowledge in the field of Operations Management among students and helps them in obtaining real-time experience of working on various aspects of Operations. The Club has a rich legacy of practicing professionals from diverse sectors who have graciously been part of the annual management conclave, giving guest lectures to our students and judging several other competitions. The Club inspires relevant knowledge in students in the field of operations through their Weekly Blog "OpScoop" and Weekly Newspost "SpecOps". Some of the events of the Operations club are: Ranneeti - a strategy game, Beer Cup Challenge and The Operations Management Conclave held during Conventus; which attracts participation from top B-schools, Corporates from the biggest MNCs, and International Universities. The Club also aims to increase the skills of the students by organizing various workshops that add significant value to their potential.

Club Members
  • Ananya Jain - Secretary
  • Rajarshi Das Gupta - Joint Secretary
  • Damodar Sastri
  • Prateek Jindal
  • Shivam Mittal
  • Shivang Agarwal
  • Tanya Chaudhary
List of Events
  • Operations Summit - Conventus
  • Where There’s A Will
  • The Beer Cup Challenge
  • Vidhan - Case Study Competition
  • Ranneeti – Online Strategic event
  • Six-Sigma Workshop in collaboration with KPMG

The HR Club

The HR Club is a student-run academic club that is dedicated to the pursuit of professional interests around the Human Resources domain. For any organization, small or large, Human Resources play a pivotal role in its success. We work towards raising awareness about the issues related to Human Resources and share the knowledge & experiences through blog posts, newsletters, webinars and events with the IMI community.

Club Members
  • Vartika Dixit - Secretary
  • Tanvi Saini - Joint Secretary
  • Adarsh
  • Anant Mangla
  • Ayush Agarwal
  • Eshita Behal
  • Shikhar Roy Talwar
List of Events
  • Knowledge and Communication Lab
  • SIP Coffee
  • GTA
  • The 9 to 5 Quiz
  • Gladius
  • HR Summit

The Economics Club

The Economics club of IMI aims at increasing knowledge, fostering understanding and stimulating interest of the students in the complex and interesting field of economics. The Club plays a vital role in creating awareness about the recent happenings in the economic world among the student community and creates the linkage with the theoretical concepts taught in the class and their implications in the corporate world. We publish weekly articles related to the latest business and economic happenings as our “Story of The Week”. We help our viewers to appreciate the practical implications of business principles and current events in the economic landscape. We organize "The Post Budget Session" and "The Economics Summit" inviting eminent intellectual personalities in the field of business and economics to give insights and solutions on the current happenings. We also organize inter-campus competitions such as Econquer, Chanakyaneeti, Ecomafia and Arthneeti.

Club Members
  • Rachit Jain - Secretary
  • Thanmai Punreddy - Joint Secretary
  • Anuj Singh
  • Nishanth D K
  • Ragini Bagrodia
  • Rahul Gupta
  • Vineet Agarwal
List of Events
  • The Economics Summit
  • Chanakyaneeti
  • Post Budget Session
  • Ecomafia
  • Econquer
  • Arthneeti

Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell aims to cater to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs as well as to shape the mindset of strategic thinkers. The club is primarily responsible for fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the young entrepreneurs and providing experiential learning opportunities for students to bridge the gap between strategic concepts learned in the classroom and the complex challenges faced in today’s business environment. The club provides networking opportunities to students with entrepreneurs, investors, and strategy leaders in the commercial and academic world. The club also supports budding entrepreneurs and existing startups to maximise their potential and thrive in their endeavours through various industry interactions and workshops.

Club Members
  • Anish Gupta - Secretary
  • Surabhi Shanbhag - Joint secretary
  • Ankita Hore
  • Utkarsh Kalra
  • Saumya Avik
  • Shefali Sharma
  • Raghav tiwari
List of Events
  • Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Reverse Pitchers
  • Hult Prize
  • ETNT
  • Inno-wars
  • Pitch Please!?

Consulting and Strategy Club

A business strategy is an all-encompassing plan for an organization to assess its approach, execute actions in an obscure and transitional environment, and hence, forms the cornerstone of the functional areas of management-Finance, Marketing, Operations, IT, or HR. The Consulting and Strategy Club of IMI New Delhi recognizes the momentum of the same and acts as a facilitator for the students to acquaint themselves with a multitude of industry-specific mechanics, to be adept in the current sought-after skills, and most importantly, solve the convoluted real-time Industry matters and to swiftly and accurately deliver ingenious solutions.

The purpose is achieved by providing opportunities in the form of business gaming simulations, frequent dialogues with the industry honchos, and realistic case-study competitions, which prepare the students to strategize and to enter the world of management consulting.

The club also focuses on building proficiency in the non-technical roles of event coordination, creativity, innovation, marketing, and working collaboratively, to ensure a successful progression in the corporate world.

Club Members
  • Rupal Dixit - Secretary
  • Aaditya Gupta
  • Dishita Bansal
  • Saravanan Krishnan
  • Shalini Rout
  • Shivansh Sabarwal
List of Events
  • Strategy Summit
  • House of Keys
  • Consultimate
  • Sherlocked
  • Concetto
  • Consulting & Guesstimates Workshops

Non-Academic Clubs
Culture and Event Management Cell (CEMC)

The Culture & Event Management Cell is responsible for organizing and managing cultural events at IMI New Delhi. With the vision “to promote a mélange of activities and inspire diversity among the global leaders of the IMI Community”, it helps students embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of the diversity on campus. The cell promotes interaction among the students through several internal events and celebrations to keep the spirits in the campus high. Its members are the event managers of IMI New Delhi with an annual kitty loaded with various events like Freshers’ Party, Teachers’ Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Lohri, Holi, Eid, Christmas, Diwali celebrations, Farewell Party, Conventus Nights and its most important endeavor, Kritva, the Annual Management, Cultural and Sports Festival of IMI New Delhi. The fest, which is spread over 3 days, serves as a platform for students to compete on a global level and is orchestrated by coordinating with all the clubs and committees of IMI New Delhi. CEMC also coordinates the functioning of the cultural societies of IMI New Delhi.

Club Members
  • Utkarsh Gupta - Secretary
  • Aashna Jain
  • Anubha Jain
  • Akanksha Bose
  • Devang Jalan
  • Gurkirpal Singh Bedi
  • Khushi Jain
  • Manya Srivastava
  • Pratham Agarwal
  • Rishab Rustagi
  • Tanmayee Goswami
  • Vishvendra Singh Tomar
  • Yash Agarwal
List of Events
  • Freshers
  • Friendship Day
  • Independence Day
  • Conventus Nights
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Raas-O-Utsav
  • Kritva Launch
  • Jashn-E-Ekta
  • Republic Day
  • Kritva
  • Farewell

Jagriti - The Social Cell

We rise by lifting others.

A B-school is the first step for some and a checkpoint for the rest on this long drawn corporate ladder. But we believe it is a pit stop full of potential to bring about change and give a new direction to the future, driven by us, as managers.

Club Jagriti is an intervention that tries to bridge the two words at the opposite end of the continuum – Personal & Professional, the bridge that makes the corporate world more human.

As ‘The Social Responsibility Cell’ we provide avenues to the students at the institute buried in frenetic schedules to channelise and fulfil their social responsibilities on ground as well as in simulated games. The goal is to provide suitable exposure to the future managers so that they look at sustainability as an embedded function of an organisation.

In the process we provide the members of the Club the opportunity to facilitate this change and experience the challenges on the way.

Club Members
  • Soumya Manoria - Secretary
  • Jai Verma - Joint Secretary
  • Divyansh Srivastava
  • Anirudh Dilbaghi
  • Priya Sinha
  • Arushi Govil
  • Preet Suri
  • Anishka Aggarwal
  • Tisha Talwar
List of Events
  • Blood Donation Drive
  • Friendship Day Event
  • Rakhi Stall
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Summit
  • Swacch Bharat Abhiyan
  • Bioleap
  • NGO Visit
  • Activities in Association with NGOs
  • Blanket Donation Drive
  • Samadhan
  • Joy of giving week

Sports Club

The Sports Club at IMI looks after all sports related intra-college and inter-college events to keep everyone’s adrenaline pumping and give students the much-needed stress buster throughout their 2 year journey. To keep the competitiveness bubbling through all students, intra-college events are held all throughout the year challenging their mind and body alike with handsome prizes to all winners. In the spirit of sportsmanship, students get to team up against their teachers and even their Alumni through these events.

Club Members
  • Avil Harsh - Secretary
  • Manas Pratap Singh - Joint Secretary
  • Anish Das
  • Ashwini Khandal
  • Jatin Agarwal
  • Mannam Venkata Sai Maneesh
  • Naman Kushwaha
  • Rishabh Balyan
  • Rishabh Bhandari
  • Yogita Garg
List of Events
  • Freshers Sports Event
  • Independence Day
  • Spardha
  • IMI Premier League
  • Republic Day
  • Inferno (Inter-College Sports Fest)