Clubs & Student Affairs 

Academic Clubs

The Marketing Club

Marketing Club at IMI New Delhi stands for innovation, creativity and expressiveness. Mentored by eminent marketing faculty of the institute, the club enables students to stay in touch with the changing trends and tactics in marketing and provides a platform to interact with industry veterans through summits and workshops conducted over the year.

Club Members
  • Prasansa Singh - Secretary
  • Deepanshu Chauhan - Joint-Secretary
  • Vishal Solanki
  • Komal Bharti
  • Naramsetty Sai Anurag
  • Pankhuri Rastogi
  • Rashi Rastogi
  • Shaily Dugar
List of Events
  • Marketing Summit
  • Markrypt
  • Markagon
  • Clash of Sections
  • Brandaccio
  • Excalibur

The Information Management & Analytics Club

The Information Management & Analytics Club of IMI is an academic club that aims to educate and inform students about the latest technologies used in business, specifically in the areas of data management and business intelligence. The club's goal is to keep students up-to-date with the constantly evolving IT industry and help them understand how these advancements can be effectively utilized in the corporate world. The club plays a crucial role in cultivating students’ interest and understanding latest technologies.

Club Members
  • Kiran Maria Giby - Secretary
  • Riya Khandelwaal - Joint-Secretary
  • Priyank Gupta
  • Ronit Thanki
  • Poojika Jain
  • Aaryaman Saxena
  • Bharat Kapur
  • Jagriti Aggarwal
List of Events
  • Conventus
  • House of Analysts
  • Advolution 9.0
  • Time N Terror
  • Karmanta

The Finance Club

The Finance club works to achieve the goal of providing a constructive platform for helping the finance enthusiasts to grow and apply the theoretical concepts they have learnt in real life. The club organizes many events that cover the various verticals within Finance including stock markets, investments, equity research, financial policies etc. through competitions, workshops, and speaker sessions

Club Members
  • Aisha Goklani - Secretary
  • Soumyadeep Das - Joint-Secretary
  • Ridhi Anand
  • Radhika Rathi
  • Vani Aggarwal
  • Rachit Mehta
  • Rohit Jain
  • Meghna
List of Events
  • Forevision Workshop
  • Finance Summit
  • FinQuid
  • Finertia
  • The Edge
  • Globus Feneratus
  • FinCharades

The Operations Club

The Operations Club focuses on raising awareness, interest and knowledge in the field of Operations Management among students and helps them in obtaining real-time experience of working on various aspects of Operations such as green manufacturing, supply chain, quality management etc. The club conducts multiple intra and inter-college events across the year, Ranneeti being its flagship event.

Club Members
  • Khushboo Sharma - Secretary
  • Ayushi Jain - Joint Secretary
  • Saumya Tiwari
  • Amogh Dattatraya Bankar
List of Events
  • Conventus
  • Intra- The Cold Case
  • The Beer Cup Challenge
  • Vidhan
  • Ranneeti
  • Six Sigma Workshop conducted by KPMG

The HR Club

The HR Club at IMI New Delhi encourages unity, creativity, and developing relations with internal as well as external stakeholders. The HR Club is mentored by proficient faculties from The HR domain. The club acts as a boulevard between students and industry experts to gain valuable insights & keep up with HR trends through summits, conclaves, and events. This exposure makes the students corporate-ready.

Club Members
  • Kamya Singh - Secretary
  • Tanisha Sadana - Joint-Secretary
  • Rohan Kapoor
  • Shweta Gupta
  • Prashanshi Agrawal
  • Ananya Sakshi
  • Sara Kaushik
List of Events
  • SIP Coffee
  • KCL
  • HR Summit
  • GTA 4.0
  • 9to5 Quiz
  • Gladius

The Economics Club

The IMI Economics club seeks to broaden students' knowledge and understanding of economics, a multifaceted and engaging discipline. It serves as a critical forum for raising student awareness of current economic events while also establishing a link between theoretical concepts taught in class and their practical implications in the corporate sector. In essence, the club is critical in fostering student interest in and comprehension of economics.

Club Members
  • Ayush Singh - Secretary
  • Anurag Asthana - Joint-Secretary
  • Anusheel Mishra
  • Aanchal Sharma
  • Saloni Mahajan
  • Shivansh Arora
  • Kashish Bhatia
  • Srinidhi Kurella

List of Events
  • Conventus - The Economics Summit
  • Econquer
  • Chanakyaneeti
  • Post Budget Session
  • Kritva - Ecomafia
  • Kritva - Arthneeti

Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell aims to cater to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs as well as to shape the mindset of strategic thinkers. The club is primarily responsible for fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the young entrepreneurs and providing experiential learning opportunities for students to bridge the gap between strategic concepts learned in the classroom and the complex challenges faced in today’s business environment

Club Members
  • Kshitij Malhotra - Secretary
  • Aastha Singh - Joint-Secretary
  • Shreyas
  • Nupur Jain
  • Aniket Varshney
  • Anusha Jain
  • Megha Murali
  • Shivangi Bhasin

List of Events
  • Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Reverse Pitchers
  • Hult Prize OnCampus Finals
  • Pitch Please

Consulting and Strategy Club

A business strategy serves as the cornerstone of each of the functional areas of management, including finance, marketing, operations, information technology, and human resources. It is an all-encompassing plan for an organization to evaluate its approach and carry out actions in a hazy and changing environment. Consulting, too, is the buzz in the industry. Advisory to firms regarding pertaining issues across all functions of business is key to obtain sustained competitive advantage. The club's main goals are to hold pertinent events and spread awareness of the constraints that apply to the Consulting and Strategy domain.

Club Members
  • Saarah Sayed - Secretary
  • Jayant Bansal - Joint Secretary
  • Tanvi Vats
  • Mayank Aggarwal
  • Vasvi Vig
  • Nancy Daga
  • Prakshi Kapoor
  • Saema Aziz
List of Events
  • Case Cracking Workshop
  • Pandora's Strategy Quest
  • Consultimate
  • Sherlocked
  • Concetto
  • Strategy Summit

Non-Academic Clubs
Culture and Event Management Cell (CEMC)

The Culture and Event Management Cell of IMI New Delhi is responsible for organizing all the cultural and festive events to create a cheerful atmosphere on campus. It plays a crucial role in creating a vibrant and inclusive culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and personal growth. It also collaborates with various clubs, and societies, to carry out Kritva, the Annual Management, Cultural and Sports Fest of IMI New Delhi.

Club Members
  • Rajdeep Bhattacharya - Secretary
  • Rashi Baheti - Joint-Secretary
  • Diksha Chawla
  • Hrithik Gupta
  • Jineet Davar
  • Naman Shah
  • Paranjyoti Baruah
  • Pranjal Bansal
  • Shivangi Mulchandani
  • Umang Rathi
List of Events
  • Freshers'23
  • Independence Day
  • Teachers' Day
  • Conventus Nights
  • Raas-O-Utsav
  • Kritva Launch
  • Christmas & New Year eve
  • Jashn-e-Ekta
  • Republic Day
  • Saraswati Puja
  • Kritva'24
  • Scribble Day & Farewell'24
  • Holi

Club Jagriti - The Social Cell

Club Jagriti aims to shape the students of IMI, New Delhi into empathetic future managers with a goal of greater good in the corporate world. Being a part of the Club activities help students develop a sense of social responsibility, while also leaving a real positive impact on the underprivileged of the society.

Club Members
  • Simran Jain - Secretary
  • Anwesha Saikia - Joint-Secretary
  • Vartika Mathur
  • Sanjana Singh
  • Ridham Chhabra
  • Mohit
  • Ishika Dhand
  • Nandini Mathur
  • Shikhar Ghai
  • Garima Tolwani
  • Piyush Pathania
List of Events
  • The Corporate Sustainability Leadership Summit
  • Sanitary Napkin Donation Drive
  • Woolen Donation Drive
  • MCD School Activity
  • Christmas Mela
  • Blood Donation Drive
  • Bioleap 7.0
  • Samadhan 2024

Sports Club

The Sports Club conducts multiple sports events in the institute throughout the year and the flagship inter-college event Inferno. It also promotes inclusivity of the diverse batch and facilitates participation of IMI students in sports events at other B-Schools.
Constant engagement with the students through social media and ensuring availability of sports equipment in the institute is also a part of The Sports Club does.

Club Members
  • Divyam Rajput - Secretary
  • Naushi Mathur - Joint Secretary
  • Priyesh Srivastava
  • Tushar Bansal
  • Rohan Vachhani
  • Sam Issac
  • Naveen C
  • Muskan Gupta
  • Kushuboo Yadav
  • Vivaan Sharma
List of Events
  • Agaaz
  • Screening
  • Trials
  • Inferno
  • IMI-Premier League

Student Affairs

Academic Secretaries

The Academic Secretaries of IMI, New Delhi act as a bridge between the students and various internal stakeholders of IMI such as the professors, program office, exam department, and other student bodies.

Widening the scope of curricula, the Academic Secretaries extend their potential beyond, where they organize and hold events like Summit during Conventus, Shreshthtam, Chakravyuh, and Best Manager. Revamping the entire academic landscape, Academic Secretaries transcend mere representation, embodying the ethos of "Control, Coalesce, Conquer" to enhance the IMI experience

List of Members

  • Suraj Shahi - Secretary 
  • Harshit Tewatia - Joint-Secretary
  • Arjun Anilkumar
  • Geetika Sharma
  • Jahnavi Srao
  • Jatin Gulati
  • Mansi Banswal
  • Priyal Aggarwal
  • Sahil Jain
  • Saloni Mirania
  • Zubiya Hasan
  • Muskan Sharma
  • Ashutosh Sharma
List of Events
  • Sales and Business Development Summit
  • Shreshthtam
  • Chakravyuh
  • Best Manager

Residential Affairs Council

Residential Affairs Council is a Student Affair Body of IMI, which lets students handle responsibilities, conflicts and take independent decisions with regards to any residential related issues. The student body provides a medium of interaction for students to voice out any issue they have regarding the same. The other roles and responsibilities of Residential Affairs Council includes:

  • 1. Mess food quality checks
  • 2. Menu finalization
  • 3. Hostel room facilities.

Through the Hospitality Summit conducted during Conventus, Residential Affairs Council provides a platform for our students to interact with the hospitality sector experts. Also, it provides an opportunity to unleash their talent during the fun and thought-provoking intra-college event.

Every member of Residential Affairs Council promotes new and innovative ways to manage things to increase efficiency and improve the quality of stay of students at their ‘home-away-from-home’

List of Members
  • Purva Singhal - Secretary
  • Akhilesh Gajanan Thombare - Joint Secretary
  • Ishita
  • Shirangi Kapoor
  • Aishna Goel
  • Irteza Ali
  • Kritika Bijalwann
List of events 
  • Digital Transformation Summit
  • The Pirates' Pursuit