The Literary Society
The Literature Society of IMI New Delhi was established in the year 2015. Since then it's known for its creative pool of literature enthusiasts who delve in the world of non fiction novels to Shakespeare's poems. They host multiple events all around the year which focus on improving one's imaginative and artistic literary skills


Enthral - The Music Society of IMI
“When You Change Yourself, You Change The World” – Gojira.

Step into the world of Enthral, the vibrant music society of our college. Here, members unite to create a symphony of unique and beautiful melodies. Enthral is not just a society, it's a magical escape into the captivating world of music.


Impressions - The Fine Arts Society
To foster creativity, beautify the campus and provide a space for students to engage with and explore their artistic interest, IMI New Delhi has laid the foundation of its very own Fine Arts Society. Whether it’s through our events or collaborations, Impressions offers a diverse range of experiences that allow members and students to express themselves creatively.


InVista - The Investment Society
InVista is the investment society of IMI,New Delhi. It is a student-run society which seeks to inculcate financial knowledge in the young and aspiring minds of the college. The society aims to help students gain a better understanding of investment and finance, and also provides a platform for finance enthusiasts to work towards their area of interest in an inclusive environment. InVista taps the IMI audience via it’s Social Media Initiatives such as News of the Week, Unicorn Express, Finstruments and Encrypt enabling them to ponder upon what’s going around in the financial world.


Integration - Maths & Stats Society

Integration, The Stats and Maths Society of IMI New Delhi seeks to promote awareness about the significant role of stats and maths, in our daily lives in professional as well as in personal capacities, and how it has influenced our decisions. The Integration Society via its articles, puzzles and games strives to create greater enthusiasm and excitement.


Zariya - The Dramatics Society
Zariya, the Dramatics society of IMI New Delhi, consists of students who share a passion for performing arts. Zariya provides a platform for igniting an undying love for theater and cinema and unleashing your inner thespian


Insight - The Data Science Society
We are the Data Science Society of IMI, New Delhi. Any session related to analytics, basics of statistics – we have got you covered.
We work rigorously on several machine learning algorithms in order to facilitate informative blogs in the field of data science. We release these blogs on our WordPress account. Our mission is to explore the applicability of data science to various aspects of industry and businesses.


Karuna - Animal Welfare Society
"Karuna" is IMI New Delhi's animal welfare society, which is partnered with India's biggest animal welfare organization, People for Animals (PFA), to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals. In addition, Karuna aims to raise awareness and reach out to people about the importance of treating animals with kindness and compassion through impactful action and by sharing stories of unknown people who work tirelessly to ensure the safe coexistence of humans and animals.


Unstop Igniters
Unstop Igniters society hopes to create more engagement and elevate the college position on the Unstop platform. We as a society facilitated and co-ordinated with the student bodies in publishing their event on the Unstop platform. We conducted two fruitful events that helped our students tackle competitions in a better way. As we recognize the importance of corporate competitions , for the upcoming year we hope to conduct events that would help the students win more and also help the clubs have a larger reach


InSync- The Dance Society
Insync, The Dance Society of IMI New Delhi, infuses the staid MBA life with a quintessential dose of vibrancy, reminding us the power of passion to uplift and inspire each other. With our unparalleled dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence, InSync stands as a paradigm to the revamped  potential of Hip-hop, Jazz, Classical, Robotics, Contemporary & Bhangra, and an exemplification of the enduring human ethos. With InSync, the stage comes alive, and the audience is transported to a world of rhythm and motion. It is an experience that will leave a lasting impression and inspire others to pursue their passions fearlessly