Open Programs

The IMI New Delhi designs Open Programmes to help modern-day Executives keep pace with Open Program Calendar 2022-23 the ever-changing business practices. They are impeccably current and global to equip all participants with the skills and knowledge required to address real-world business problems, in real time.

These programmes are conceived and delivered by a pool of renowned faculty and industry stalwarts, who draw on their own experiences to deliver learning that is most relevant to you.

The Open Programs are designed to meet specific business needs, and are conducted in the following format

On-Campus Programs

They enable you to imbibe the expertise you need, on campus, and ensure a truly world-class experience. With the current advent of Pandemic, these programs can be conducted online if need arises.

Open Program Calendar 2022-23

S.No Program Title Program Director Bucket Program Date Duration (in Days) Non-Residential Program Fee/Participant(INR) Excluding GST Residential Program Fee/Participant(INR) Excluding GST
1 Finance For Non Finance Managers Prof Reena Nayyar & Prof Aman Shrivastava Finance 15-17 November, 2022 3 25500+GST 33000+GST
2 Leadership Development - Emotional Intelligence Approach Prof Mamta Mohapatra Leadership 17-18 November, 2022 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
3 Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness-A Programme for High Potential Emeginging Leaders Prof Jai Prakash Upadhyay Leadership 18-20 November, 22 3 25500+GST 33000+GST
4 HR Analytics – Making Informed Decisions Swati Dhir HR 22-25 November 2022 4 34000+GST 44000+GST
5 Innovation & Change Management Prof Irfan Rizvi OB/HR 24-25 November, 2022 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
6 Accelerated Sales Force Performance Prof D K Batra & Prof Nalin Jain Sales& Marketing 15-19 November, 2022 5 42500+GST 55000+GST
7 Women as Leaders Prof Mamta Mohapatra Leaderhsip 1-2 December, 2022 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
8 Effective Negotiation Skills for Business Performance Prof Irfan Rizvi OB/HR 8-9 December, 2022 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
9 Design Thinking Specialist Nalin Pant - Humaned Future Themes 8-10 December, 2022 3 25500+GST 33000+GST
10 Managerial Communications Prof Irfan Rizvi OB/HR 19-20 January, 2023 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
11 Retail excellence Prof D K Batra & Prof Nalin Jain Sales& Marketing 19-23 January, 2023 5 42500+GST 55000+GST
12 Data Analytics for Managers Prof Kakali Kanjilal Analytics 27-28 January, 2023 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
13 Story Telling using Data Visualization Prof Himanshu Joshi Analytics 2-3 February, 2023 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
14 GSPOSH Prof Mamta Mohapatra HR 9-10 February 2023 2 17000+ GST 22000+GST
15 Leveraging Customer Engagement & Loyalty Prof D K Batra & Prof Nalin Jain Sales& Marketing 13-17 February, 2023 5 42500+GST 55000+GST
16 Digital & Social Media Marketing Prof D K Batra & Prof Nalin Jain Sales& Marketing 28 February 2023 - 4 March 2023 5 42500+GST 55000+GST

Corporate & Alumni discounts available.

For registration/any other information, please contact:
Mr Amit Ghosh
Head- Executive Education, Career Services and Alumni relations
Mobile : 9818330545
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