Program Overview

The Fellow Program in Management is the doctoral program of the International Management Institute (IMI) New Delhi. The program mix involves critical core courses, in-depth and research-based courses related to the domain interest of the candidate, individually pursued self-study courses and at the core lies the topic-of-individual-interest, that ultimately leads to the candidate’s thesis. The FPM scholars are expected to work closely in their areas of interest with the faculty members of IMI to further the existing repository of both theory and practice in the field of business management. The program accepts both full-time students and part-time students.

The program is 

  • Approved by AICTE
  • Applied for PhD equivalence to Association of Indian Universities

Program Objectives

Program Goals/learning objectives for the Fellow Program is as follows

Learning Objective 1: Acquire knowledge in the area of specialization

Learning objective 1.1: To gain knowledge in general management areas in order to develop a foundation for the area of specialization.

Learning objective 1.2: To gain knowledge in specialized areas relevant to the research to be carried out.

Learning objective 1.3: To develop ability to apply acquired knowledge in order to solve management problems.

Learning Objective 2: Acquire analytical and methodological skills required to conduct research

Learning objective 2.1: To develop analytic skills in order to solve research problems

Learning objective 2.2: To develop methodological skills in order to solve research problems

Learning Objective 3: Prepare the scholar to communicate effectively

Learning objective 3.1: To be able to collate existing literature in the area of study and articulate research gaps

Learning objective 3.2: To be able to compose research output in the form of original and high-quality management research writings.

Learning objective 3.3: To be able to articulate research output through presentations.

Areas of Specialization

The FPM scholars can specialize in any ONE of the following areas:

  1. Economics & Business Environment
  2. Finance & Accounting
  3. Marketing
  4. Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
  5. Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques
  6. Strategy & General Management
  7. Information Management & Business Analytics

Applicant Eligibility:

The applicant seeking admission to the FPM at IMI New Delhi needs to be fulfilling the following Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Academic qualifications: To be considered for admission to the FPM at IMI New Delhi, the applicant must possess one of the following qualifications:

o   A Masters’ degree or its equivalent in any discipline with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks. Those in the final year of their post-graduation may also apply.


    • A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent grade point average. Those in the final year of their engineering degree may also apply.


o  A Bachelor’s degree plus any professional qualification such as CA, ICWA, CS, and CFA with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks.

  1. Universities & Affiliations: The above-mentioned qualifications will be considered valid for admission only if:
    • The obtained qualification is from any of the universities incorporated by an act of the central or state legislature in India, or other educational institutions established by an act of parliament or declared to be deemed as a university under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, or an equivalent qualification from an institution approved by AICTE.
    • In case the candidate has a PGDM degree from an Indian Institution, the degree must be recognized as equivalent to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) or approved by AICTE.
    • The degrees of candidates from foreign universities must be recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).
  1. Additional Criteria for selection for part-time students: The candidate should have completed minimum FIVE years of full-time relevant work experience as an academician or a corporate executive.

Admission process

  1. Admission form & indication of research interest: The applicant needs to complete the FPM application form. The form must be accompanied by an abstract of 1000-1500 words about the proposed research area/topic. This may be broad based at this juncture but is critical for gauging the applicant’s interest.
  2. Admission test: the candidate must clear any of the following tests
    • Common Admission Test (CAT) held by the IIMs.
    • Additionally, in case the candidate has a valid GMAT/GRE/XAT/NET/GATE/NMAT score; he/she would also be eligible.
    • Please note: the CAT/XAT/GMAT/GRE/NET/GATE/NMAT exam must have been taken on or after 01 January 2018 will be considered valid for admission to the session of 2023.


    • IMI Research Aptitude test: In the event the applicant has not appeared for any of the above exams, the Institute also considers candidates who appear for the  IMI Research Aptitude Test.
    • NRIs and foreign candidates, are also required to have a valid CAT/GMAT/GRE/XAT/NET/GATE/NMAT score or appear for the IMI  Research Aptitude Test.
  1. Admission Interview: Based on the:

o  Research abstract

o  Scores obtained in CAT/GMAT/GRE/XAT/NET or the IMI  Research Aptitude Test

o  Evaluation of past academic performance and

o  Relevant work experience (for Part-time students only)

The eligible candidates are invited for the final Admission Interview round and the final selection/merit list is prepared based on the above process.

Program Fee

The Program fee structure and the waivers and scholarships available for different scholar categories are as follows

Cost Heads

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year


Subsequent year(s)









Tuition fees








Learning Resources (books, e-resources, software etc.)








Alumni fees








Security deposit (refundable)








Total (Five years)









Fee Waivers & Other Financial Support:

FPM Full-time students: The participants are awarded the following waivers and financial support

  1. Tuition fee: 100% waiver of fee throughout the duration of program
  2. Learning Resource fee: 100% waiver throughout the duration of program
  3. Scholarship: Eligible candidates will be awarded a scholarship equivalent to JRF/SRF as under:

o   1-2 Year: Rs. 31,000/- per month

o   3-5 year: Rs. 35,000/- per month

  1. House Rent Allowance (HRA): The HRA @24% of scholarship amount (where Institute is not providing hostel accommodation). In case the scholar goes for hostel accommodation, he/she will not be eligible for the HRA.
  2. Contingency Grant: The scholars would be eligible for a handsome total contingency grant of INR 90,000 (@ 30000/- per annum) during the 3-5th year of his/her tenure after the successful completion of the course work phase. This grant may be used to cover incidental expenses like data collection, stationery, hardware/software and others.
  3. Conference support: The institute also provides a cumulative grant of INR 1,20,000/- for presenting research papers in domestic and international conferences. The conference needs to be fulfilling the conference norms as laid down by the institute.
  4. Additional conference support linked to research output: The scholar who publishes in superior quality Peer Reviewed Journals will get an additional conference support grant of INR 2,00,000/- for every such Peer Reviewed Journal publication (granted after the Final acceptance of the publication has been obtained). Please note: Superior quality is as determined by IMI New Delhi journal quality categorization standards. This is a quality categorization that is significantly superior to the minimum quality categorization required to complete degree requirements. The Paper must be co-authored with an IMI New Delhi Faculty and the scholar must ensure the publication is submitted with the IMI New Delhi affiliation.


FPM Part-time students (academicians): The participants are awarded the following waivers in fee

  1. Tuition fee: 50% waiver of fee throughout the duration of program
  2. Learning Resource fee: 50% waiver throughout the duration of program  


FPM Part-time students (corporate executives): The participants must pay the fee as per the above schedule.


FPM Program Structure & Other details

Course work and Evaluations:

First year of course work: The FPM scholar is required to successfully complete two types of courses, namely:

  1. PGDM core management domain courses: The FPM scholar will pursue in his/her first year of the program, certain number of PGDM management domain courses over three trimesters.
  2. FPM specific courses: The FPM scholar will pursue in his/her first year of the program, certain FPM specific courses

Evaluations & promotions: For promotion to second year student, an average of 60% is required for passing both the PGDM core management domain courses and the FPM specific courses. Additionally, minimum 60% is required in all the area specific course package defined for the area of specialization in which the scholar to pursue his/her thesis work.


Exemption & conditions: Exemption from PGDM core management domain courses may be given to candidates under the following conditions:

o   The waiver may be granted to scholars who have completed their 2-year Full-time PGDM/MBA program from B-schools that appear in the NIRF Ranking of Top 50 Schools in the Management Category and have a CGPA of 6/10 or equivalent. The PGDM/MBA should have been completed within the last five years from the date the candidate is seeking admission to the FPM. Please note: The domain knowledge and understanding for granting the waiver will be examined by a well-represented internal (IMI New Delhi) FPM & Research Committee.

o   The waiver may be granted to candidates with minimum 5 years of management Domain Relevant work experience. Please note: The relevance of the work experience will be examined by a well-represented internal (IMI New Delhi) FPM & Research Committee.

Second year of course work: The coursework is spread over one year and completed in three trimesters. In the second year, the scholar only pursues FPM specific courses. This includes a mix of CORE compulsory; AREA compulsory and AREA/ALLIED elective courses.

Evaluations & promotions: For completion of the second-year course work, an  average of 60% is required for passing the FPM specific courses. Additionally, minimum 60% is required in all the area specific course package defined for the area of specialization in which the scholar to pursue his/her thesis work.


Comprehensive examination: On successful completion of the mandatory courses all FPM scholars would need to successfully clear a Comprehensive Examination- both Written and Oral.

Thesis Preparation and Submission:

Research proposal formulation and defense: On the successful completion of comprehensive examination, the candidate is required to form a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) for guidance towards the final thesis. Under the guidance of TAC, the student would be required to develop a research proposal and defend it in an open forum comprising the IMI, New Delhi faculty and other doctoral students. Post this the scholar is to be working under the guidance of the TAC towards completion of his/her thesis work.

Thesis submission and defense: Thereafter, on completion of the proposed research as well as the mandatory publication requirements of the thesis submission, the candidate would inform the Dean, Research & Accreditation of the same. Dean, Research & Accreditation, in consultation with TAC would recommend a Thesis Evaluation Committee (TEC) for the evaluation of the research work. The candidate would then be required to present a public seminar on the research findings. The candidate would be then evaluated by the TEC in an oral defense. After successfully defending the final thesis candidate is awarded the title of “Fellow of the International Management Institute, New Delhi”. (For details, please refer to Handbook of Information for FPM students.).

Program Duration

All FPM scholars are expected to complete the program within FIVE years.