Branding and Media Relations Committee

The mission of the Branding and Media Relations Committee is to work in unison with other initiatives at IMI and promote the brand, IMI New Delhi. The committee assists the Chairperson - Branding & Media Relations with the media coverage of all major events like Conventus - the annual business conclave of IMI, Kritva - the annual cultural fest of IMI, National Alumni Meet, Model United Nations, and ITEC programs in various media outlets; be it print, broadcast or online. The committee also manages all the social media handles of IMI New Delhi including creating and posting content, and analyzing social media metrics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and the official blogs - Life@IMI and IMI Insights, and is responsible for all internal and external communication. The committee acts as the bridge between the Institute and the candidates who aspire to be a part of the Institute every year, assisting them by providing vital knowledge regarding life inside the campus, be it via formal or informal channels, hence orchestrating all activities that can foster community relations with external stakeholders through several media relation activities. Overall, the committee plays an important role in shaping and managing the public image, coordinating the media outreach efforts, creating press releases and other media materials to promote the university's news and events.

List of Members

1 Shravan S - Secretary
2 Vidhi Seksaria- Joint Secretary
3 Vaishali Sutar - IRiS Joint Secretary
4 Arushi Seth
5 Chandraj S
6 Deeksha Jena
7 Jatin Mehta
8 Kashvi Thakore
9 Manaswini
10 Muskan Saraf
11 Niyati Singh
12 Paridhi Lohia
13 Piyush Chauhan
14 Ria Chowdhury
15 Shubhda Mathur
16 Tanya Arora


The Eye of IMI is a confidant of the Branding and Media Relations Committee, IMI New Delhi. IRiS shares anecdotes from within the institution, connecting students with campus life beyond lectures and classrooms. IRiS is a platform that interacts with students through its creative and innovative pursuits. It observes and reports all the happenings that create a buzz around campus.


Corporate Relations and Placement Committee

The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee at IMI, New Delhi is a pool of dedicated individuals who are prepared to hit the corporate arena as a dynamic and driven workforce. As the business world grows increasingly vibrant, we aim to deliver the best budding decision-makers in the country with our initiatives that include the Summer Internship and Final Placements, which is the bedrock of the Committee. Not only this, but we focus on live projects, case studies, certificate Courses, training sessions, workshops, mock interviews, industrial projects, participation, and excelling in National and Corporate Competitions. We also invite recruiters and Corporate Leaders from various sectors to get the students Corporate ready to bridge the gap between Campus and Corporate. By providing such opportunities, we aim to empower the students to put their best foot forward and showcase their skills and competencies to potential recruiters. We aim to strengthen our commitment to building a cadre of academically and ethically strong business professionals.  

List of Members

1 Aman Mittal - Convener
2 Kartikeya Singh - Co-Convener
3 Aakruti Sharma
4 Arpit Shrivastava
5 Sailasya Y
6 Udit Parashar
7 Manvi Jain
8 Muskan
9 Muskan Tandon
10 Aditya Datta
11 Anvit Kumar
12 Vaishnavi Trivedi
13 Anshul Choudhary
14 Pavan Gupta
15 Sukriti Chawla

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee is the nodal point of contact between the institute and its extensive alumni base. Throughout the year we conduct numerous engagement events and initiatives to strengthen the association of the esteemed alumni with their alma mater.
The Alumni Relations Committee is committed to bolstering the bond between IMI and its 7500+ alumni who are also spread globally, carrying the legacy of IMI overseas. As a part of the incessant efforts taken by the committee to keep the alumni connected to their alma mater, it organises and facilitates Chapter Meets across nine national chapters: Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, and three international chapters: London, Dubai, and Singapore, which endows the alumni in these regions, with an opportunity to interact and network. The committee relentlessly works to increase corporate exposure for students by conducting mock interviews, webinars, mentorship for students, etc.
Our purpose is to keep a strong connection between the institute and the alumni and leverage the relationship for the mutual benefit of both.

List of Members

1 Anany Tiwari - Secretary
2 Ishita Deva - Joint Secretary
3 D Chandrali Rao
4 Kanishk Abrol
5 Ritika Baweja
6 Siddharth Pandey
7 Anmol Agarwal
8 Kanika Jain
9 Abhay Kapur
10 Ayrish Dangayach
11 Anant Mittal

International Relations and Executive Education Committee (IREC)

Welcome to the vibrant world of the International Relations and Executive Education Committee (IREC) at IMI New Delhi! Committed to facilitating seamless exchanges and fostering global collaborations, IREC serves as the bridge connecting students from diverse backgrounds. Our dedicated team ensures that inbound exchange students feel welcomed and supported throughout their stay, providing guidance and assistance every step of the way. We also aid outgoing students in exploring the myriad opportunities offered by our network of partner universities, enriching their educational journey with international perspectives. We continuously seek new collaborations with prestigious institutions worldwide. From hosting the prestigious ITEC programme, endorsed by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to organising flagship events such as the CHRO conclave 'Vimarsh' and 'TEDxIMINewDelhi', The ‘International Relations and Executive Education Committee’ (IREC) is the face of IMI New Delhi to the international world.

List of Members

1 Bhaumi Pathak - Secretary
2 Deep Jhunjhunwala - Joint-Secretary
3 Pranjal Kala
4 Soham Das
5 Pratyush Jain
6 Deepanwita Chowdhury 
7 Rishi Kant Dixit
8 Kanishk Mittal 
9 Dhairya Mehta
10 Siddhartha
11 Mishka Gumber 
12 Deepan Arora
13 Anmol Chopra

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee is the face of IMI, New Delhi for aspiring students and is responsible for initiating the transformational journey of every aspirant from being a dreamer to a leader. The Committee is entrusted with the task of assisting the aspirants in all forms to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for young budding managers on the campus. The team provides prospective students with insights into a student’s life at IMI, New Delhi through the published online content over social media platforms such as PagalGuy, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, and WordPress. The various events conducted by the Committee includes the flagship event Nexus which is an interactive session conducted for the aspirants across the country, informational webinars, coordination of the Personal Assessment Process, mentorship program for the aspirants to ensure clarification of queries on a personal level via the Catalyst Program, Buddy Program to break the ice and initiate networking amongst peers and seniors, and Campus Tours to personally welcome the upcoming batch to the institute and help them understand the know-hows of life at a B-School even before entering one.

List of Members

1 Varun Chadha - Secretary 
2 Ayush Trivedi - Joint Secretary
3 Divya Sharma
4 Siddhant Choudhury 
5 Yukti Sutavani  
6 Sheffali
7 Sheena Jaggi
8 Rituraj Rawat
9 Sarvam Dawer
10 Parneet Kaur
11 Ruchita Mangal 
12 Natasha Gulati 
13 Sehaj Bajaj