Branding and Media Relations Committee

The mission of the Branding and Media Relations committee is to work in unison with other initiatives at IMI and promote the brand IMI New Delhi. The committee assists the Chairperson - Branding & Media Relations with the media coverage of all major events like Conventus, the annual business conclave of IMI, Kritva, the annual cultural fest of IMI, TEDx, National Alumni Meet, Model United Nations – MUN, E-Merge and ITEC programs and training programs in various media outlets; be it print, broadcast or online. It assists in the participation of IMI New Delhi students in television talk shows and interviews conducted in ITEC programs, giving them the necessary and vital media exposure. The committee also handles all the social media outlets of IMI New Delhi like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, the official blog - [email protected] and is responsible for the internal and external communication. The committee acts as the bridge between the institute and the candidates who aspire to be a part of the institute every year, assisting them by providing vital knowledge regarding life inside the campus, be it via formal or informal channels, hence orchestrating the activities that start right from the designing of Admission brochure and ending with the post-induction settlement of the new entrants in the college.

List of Members

1 Om Rana (Secretary)
2 Ritika Sachdeva (Joint Secretary)
3 Siddhant Gupta (Joint Secretary IRiS)
4 Arihant Jain
5 Nipun Narula
6 Vaishnavi Kinnal
7 Modita
8 Adit Bhambore
9 Ambika Ramdev
10 Abhishek Narang
11 Rajarshi Sengupta
12 Ayush Jain
13 Shubham Sati
14 Jatin Singh


The Eye of IMI, is a confidant of the Branding and Media Relations Committee, IMI New Delhi. IRiS shares anecdotes from within the institution, providing students an alternative perspective about life beyond lectures and classrooms at IMI New Delhi. IRiS covers social media handles such as Facebook and Instagram as well as playing a role in the material world.

Corporate Relations and Placement Committee

The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee at IMI is responsible for building and strengthening corporate relations and facilitating the placement process including Summer Internship, Laterals and Final Placement Process. The major focus lies in reaching out to recruiters and inviting them to campus to gauge the potential and quality of students. Apart from the recruitment process, the Committee also works towards engaging Corporates through the medium of various student initiatives and activities. It organizes a Business Thought Leadership (BTL) Series wherein Corporate Leaders are invited to address the students and enlighten them with their enriching industry experience. Along with this, various guest lectures are being organized in coordination with various functional clubs for the students throughout the year. Also, the committee periodically organises flagship events like HR Roundtable and The Leadership Confluence aimed at inviting marquee leaders across different sectors for a discussion around significant areas of industrial relevance.

List of Members

1 Aditya Vedula
2 Aishwarya Sharma
3 Baishali Mazumder
4 Harshita Agarwal
5 Pavan Kumar N (Co-Convener)
6 Rajat Agarwal
7 Sankalp Shukla
8 Satyam Sharma (Convener)
9 Shadab Attar
10 Subham Agarwal
11 Surbhi Gupta
12 Yash Singhal

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee is committed towards bolstering the bond between IMI and its 6500 plus alumni base. As a part of the incessant efforts taken by the committee to keep the alumni connected to their alma mater, it organizes and facilitates Chapter Meets across nine national chapters: Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad and three international chapters: London, Dubai and Singapore, which endows the alumni in these regions, with an opportunity to interact and network. The National Alumni Meet (NAM) is yet another occasion for the alumni to come back to the campus and rejoice and reminisce about the memories created here. The meet also marks the launch of the annual Alumni Magazine – ‘Connexion’. Apart from these initiatives, the committee relentlessly works to increase the corporate exposure for students by conducting guest lectures, workshops, mentorship for students etc.

List of Members

1 Rahul Bahel (Secretary)
2 Abhinav Bajoria
3 Aditya Bhatia
4 Kavya Pradeep
5 Kritika Sharma
6 Manish Thigale
7 Pawan Bijani
8 Preksha Motwani
9 Sakshi Dhabalia
10 Shubham Gupta
11 Shubhangi Gupta
12 Sunny Bansal
13 Surbhi Gupta
14 Tanya Chaturvedi
15 Vidisha Jain

International Relations and Executive Education Committee (IREC)

International Relations and Executive Education Committee (IREC) is the face of IMI New Delhi to the international world. The committee is responsible for facilitating the exchange process of outbound and the hospitality of inbound exchange students. It counsels the students on their queries about various courses and universities offered in this exchange programme. It is also responsible for hosting the ITEC program, an initiative taken by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Apart from this, the committee works towards building new collaborations and fostering new tie-ups with universities and institutes the world over. The committee also looks after the hospitality of the participants of the Executive Program. Also, the committee undertakes various other initiatives and conducts events such as Model United Nations IMI New Delhi, Toastmasters Club IMI New Delhi.

List of Members

1 Kunjacko Jaimy (Secretary)
2 Aaron Rodgers (Joint Secretary)
3 Anubhav Dutta
4 Deeksha Madaan
5 Huzefa Vichavera
6 Manan Chopra
7 Rahul Aggarwal
8 Rakshit Gupta
9 Rohan Aggarwal
10 Shalvin Joshi
11 Shaurya Mehra
12 Supriya Singh

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee is the face of IMI, New Delhi to the aspiring students and is responsible for initiating the transformational journey of every aspirant from being a dreamer to a leader. The Committee is entrusted with the task of assisting the aspirants in all forms to ensure a seamless onboarding experience of young budding managers into the campus. The team provides the prospective students with insights into a student’s life at IMI, New Delhi through the published online contents over social media platforms such as PagalGuy, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, and WordPress. The various events conducted by the Committee includes Admissions Process (WAT/PI) at all the Admission Centres across the country, the flagship event of Nexus, which is an interactive session between the team members and aspirants across the country, a mentorship program for the aspirants to ensure clarification of queries on a personal level via the Catalyst Program, Buddy Program to break the ice and initiate networking amongst peers and seniors, and City Meets to personally welcome the upcoming batch to the institute and help them understand the know-hows of life at a B-School even before entering one.

List of Members

1 Simran Banka (Secretary)
2 Utkarsh Agarwal (Joint Secretary)
3 Aishwarya Jayashilan
4 Arpit Agarwal
5 Ayushi Sharma
6 Disha Dahiya
7 Divya Kapoor
8 Kripa Asai
9 Nataliya Yadav
10 Sanya Arora
11 Shardul Karve
12 Sirish Gopalan
13 Utkarsh Jain