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Center at IMI Activities

  1. Awareness and Education
    1. Student awareness drive with help of Kautilya Fellowship Network  (kfn.org.in)
    2. Develop Indian business / entrepreneurial cases and content
    3. Elective Courses
    4. Training programs & workshops for established organizations

  2. Start-up - Incubation / Accelerator / Design Lab
    1. Student Start-ups
    2. Alumni (Professionals wanting to start-up)

  3. Consulting
    1. Large organizations who are setting up Innovation / Start-up funds
    2. Innovation Evaluation & Strategic Innovation Advisory

  4. Collaborations
    1. With relevant individuals and centers across the world to be part of the global discourse on disruptions 

  5. Thought leadership
    1. Round-tables to inform policy and set research agenda
    2. Annual Global Conference (to include: Government, Industry and Academia)