Student Speak Detail

Yuvraj Kanoongo

Looking back at my time as an exchange student at Kedge, I couldn’t be more grateful for this unique opportunity to learn and grow in such a multicultural and stimulating environment. I felt that French people in general and the campus community in specific are very welcoming and friendly, which helped me to feel at home very quickly.

In terms of academics, I really enjoyed the variety of unique courses being offered there; something unlike universities in India. During my time on the exchange, I travelled almost the whole Europe which made me more outgoing for sure. I have learned a lot inside and outside the classroom and met wonderful people. Having said that, I encourage everyone to go on exchange, get involved and find a home away from home as I did.

Current company & Designation : Hindustan Tradecom Pvt. Ltd, Director

Batch : 2016 - 2018

Exchange University : Kedge Business School, France