Chhavi  Mehta

Finance and Accounting
Associate Professor

Chhavi  Mehta

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  • PGDM (T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal)
  • Empirical Financial and Accounting Research Program (IIM, Calcutta)
  • Ivey Case Writers' Advanced Training Program (Richard Ivey School of Business and IMI, New Delhi) 

Chhavi  Mehta

Teaching Experience:

International Management Institute, New Delhi (May 2014 onwards)

  • Subjects taught: Financial Reporting and Analysis, Financial Management, Advanced Financial Management, Cost and Management Accounting, Business Valuation, Financial Markets and Services
  • Regularly conducted training sessions in various Management Development Programs 

Bhavan's Usah & Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management, New Delhi (Jan 2007 - Apr 2014)

  • Member of Academic Advisory Council 
  • Chair - Admissions 
  • Incharge - Summer Internship
  • Subjects taught: Financial Accounting and Analysis, Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Management of Financial Services, Financial Planning & Wealth Management 
University of petroleum & Energy Studies (Jul 2006 - Dec 2006)

Fore School of Management, New Delhi (Jan 1997 - Dec 2005)
  • Subjects taught: Financial Accounting and Analysis, Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Accounting
Industry Experience: 

Fund Point Securities Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (Aug 2006 - Dec 2006)
  • Significantly contributed in setting up the Equity Research & Portfolio Management Division of the company.
  • Managed portfolios worth Rs. 15 – 20 Lakh for NRI clients.
  • Was also involved in Dealing Room operations at the Bangalore Stock Exchange.
Investech Finance India Ltd. Goa (Jul 1995 - Jun 1996) 
  • Designed & Implemented Systems and Procedures in Sub-broking activities.
  • Managed the Secondary Market operations.
  • Was a contributing member of the team involved in equity research and portfolio management for the company as well as for the individual clients.

Chhavi  Mehta

Research papers:

  • Mehta, C., Chopra, M., & Dhamija, S. (2024). The Curious Case of Vodafone Idea Merger: Is It a Saga of Turbulence or a Move Towards Potence? Vikalpa, 49 (1), 67-78. Scopus (Cite score: 2.5), ABDC (C). 
  • Nayyar, R., Dhamija, S., & Mehta, C. (2023). Analysing the Likelihood of and Market Reaction to Reverse Stock Splits in India. Global Business Review, 09721509231189916. WOS (Impact factor: 2.4), ABDC (C).
  • Chopra, M. & Mehta, C. (2023). Going green: Do green bonds act as a hedge and safe haven for stock sector risk? Finance Research Letters, 51, 103357. WOS and Scopus (Impact factor: 10.4, Cite score: 11.1), ABDC (A). 
  • Chopra, M., Mehta, C., Lal, P., & Srivastava, A. (2023). Does the big boss of coins—Bitcoin—protect a portfolio of new-generation cryptos? Evidence from memecoins, stablecoins, NFTs and DeFi. China Finance Review International. WOS & Scopus (Impact factor: 8.2, Cite score: 15.0), ABDC (C). 
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  • Chopra, M., Mehta, C. & Srivastava, A. (2018). Inflation Linked Bonds as a Separate Assets Class: Evidence from Emerging and Developed Markets, Global Business Review, 22 (1), 219-235. WOS (Impact factor: 2.4), ABDC (C). 
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  • Mehta, C., Jain, P. K., & Yadav, S. S. (2014). Market reaction to stock dividends: Evidence from India. Vikalpa, 39(4), 55-74. Scopus (Cite score: 2.5), ABDC (C). 
  • Mehta, C. and Yadav, S. S. & Jain, P. K. (2011). Managerial Motives for Stock Splits: Survey Based Evidence from India (2011). Journal of Applied Finance, 21(1), 103-117, Available at SSRN: 
  • Mehta, C., Jain, P. K., & Yadav, S. S. (2009). Rationale of stock dividends/Bonus shares: an empirical study of private sector enterprises in India. Journal of Financial Management & Analysis, 22(1).

Case studies with teaching notes:

  • Chhavi, M. & Chopra, M. (2020). Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd: Discounted Cash Flow Valuation; Ivey Business Publishing; Ivey Business School at Western University. Product number: W20181-PDF-ENG, Publication Date: March 2020.
  • Sondhi, N. & Mehta, C. (2018). LaundryWala: Scaling up an On-demand Laundry Start-up: Ivey Business Publishing; Ivey Business School at Western University. Product number: W18729-PDF-ENG, Publication Date: November 2018.

Other articles:

  • Mehta, C. and Gera, R. Case Analysis of the Case study 'Castrol India Ltd.: Managing in Challenging Times', Vikalpa, 30(3), Jul-Sep, 2005.
  • Bodhanwala, R. & Mehta, C. 'Can Green Shoe Give a Lift to an IPO?' ICFAI Reader, October 2004. 

Chhavi  Mehta

  • Presented paper “Understanding Indian Consumers’ Stock Investment Behavior – An Empirical Study” co-authroed with Neena Sondhi (2015), at International Conference on Advances in Management and Technology in a Global World (ICAMT-2015), organised by The Jaypee Business School, Noida, India in association with the University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA, on December 18-20th, 2015.