D.K. Batra  


D.K. Batra  

Fellow in Management (UNDP)  University of East London U.K-1992
Fellow in Mnagameent FIT New York University USA 1998
Ph.D. in Management (Yr 2000) Faculty Of management Studies 
M.B.A (Marketing) from  Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi(1988-2000, FT)
B.Tech (Textile Tech) from Technological Institute of Textiles. M D University( 1981-85)

D.K. Batra  


Position held

From           To

Nature of Duties Teaching / Research/Industry

Shaw Wallace & Co.

 Regional Sales Executive

1988 may

1990 June

Industry (Sales Management) Branch Office


Assistant Professor

1990 June

1994 June

Teaching & Research


Associate Professor





Teaching and Worked as Chairperson of Fashion Management from1998-2002




June 18th 2007

Teaching and worked as Head Academics from 2002-04 and Head International linkages along with chairpersonship of Fashion Management

FORE School of Management

Sr Professor Programme Director PGDM(IBM) &Marketing Area Chair

And Registrar

  June 19th 2007-

oct 14 2010

Head of department of marketing and management of the programme of International Business.

Teaching Subjects like Consumer Behavior, Retail Management, international Marketing  

Manage and Supervise Establishment, Purchase. New projects, Controller of Exam and Facilities

Netaji Institute Of Management Sciences

Director NIMS and Vice President Projects City Welfare Society which runs NIMS

15thOct 2010-


Management, administration and policy making for the institute and also external linkages

Asia Pacific Institute of Management

Professor and Director

3 April 2012

2nd April


Overall Management

International Management Institute


21 April 2012


D.K. Batra  

Dr. D.K.Batra is a Professor in Marketing Area at IMI and holds a Ph.D. in Management (Yr 2000) and M.B.A (Marketing) from Faculty of Management Studies,(FMS) University of Delhi.(1988-2000, Full Time). He persued Fashion Management at the Dept.of Fashion Management, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University USA (1998)-Summer Programme. He has also been a U.N.D.P. Research Fellow to the EU & Brazil working extensively in the Product Development Area in Sixteen European and South American Countries(1996). He completed a term and conducted Export oriented research on Improving Unit Value Realization of Indian Garment exports for UNDP on a Fellowship to University of East London, UK(1992) These Three deputations on research culminated in a PhD degree at FMS, New Delhi. He graduated in B.Tech (Textile Tech.) from Technological Institute of Textiles., M D University (1981-85). His longest stint has been at NIFT, New Delhi as the Head of Department of Fashion Management Studies and as Head of Academic Affairs which involved handling and managing 12 centers of NIFT with over 10,000 students and 7 Four year degree undergraduate Design programmes, 2 PG programmes in Management and Technology and 1 Bachelor's programme in Technology delivered by over 200 Faculty. In this long stint his Notable achievements were : The institution of Academic Input and Output based Systems, Manpower Planning , Peer Evaluation, Faculty Development Programmes, Institution of Academic-Industry Advisory Bodies, Instuitionalising corporate linkage programmes, Achievement of increasing to over 50 International linkages from Four linkages, Forty Faculty secondments and over Hundred Student Exchanges both ways. Instrumental in Formation of Bodies like IFFTI which had 32 Universities as members and Fashion Design Council of India. Contributed in Textile Policy formulation in the Govt. of India and was a member of various Textile Apparel and Trade Promotion bodies . He was also the founding CEO of Fashion Design Council of India. He was on the PhD Research Board of Jamia Hamdard University. He was also Member, Board of Studies of UP Tech University. He has also worked as Advisor to Ministry of Information Technology. He has authored many Books and Research Papers. He has provided Consultancy & Training services to various corporates viz. Raymond India, Madura Garments, Gokaldas Exports, ABN AMRO, ITC, ISEPC, AEPC etc. He was also a consultant to the International Trade Centre Geneva, UNCTAD.

D.K. Batra  

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D.K. Batra  

Earleir Published Conferenec Papers  

Batra D.K., Narag A.S: The Fragmentation of Fashion: Demand and Supply Chain Management, paper presented at 7th Annual IFFTI Conference in Bunka Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan from 31.10.05-05.11.05 (03.11.05). 

Batra D.K., Narag A.S: Community Development: Human Capital Formation (Focus on Apparel Industry), paper presented in International Academic Conference titled “Human Capital Formation in the 21st Century: Is a New Paradigm Needed?’’ held from December, 1-4, 2005 at University Auditorium (December 4th 2005) 

Batra D.K., Narag A.S.: Post WTO Gainer Asian Apparel Economies paper presented International Conference on Apparel And Home Textiles (ICAHT-05) organized by Okhla Industrial Cluster Development and IIT, Delhi textile department October 8th and 9th October 2005 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 

Batra D.K., Narag A.S.: Paper presented on ‘E- tailing of services in the Fashion Industry’ at IFFTI Conference 2006, Raleigh, USA. 


  1. Speaker in RTI seminar on RTI Day at IIC organsied bt RTI institute and confederation of Indian Universities
  2. Chaired a session in International Conference on ‘Contemporary Issues in Management’ organized by IIT Delhi in association with Curtin University Australia , October 2012.
  3. Chaired a session in AIMA and DMA Natioanl Brand Conclave’ on ‘Challenging Growing Brands in a Disruptive Era’ India Habitat center12th March 2011 New Delhi.           
  4. Key Speaker in National Conference by Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Management on     “Emerging Issues In Marketing: Challenges and Perspectives” 5th Feb 2011
  5. Chief Gust and Key note Speaker in National Conference creating and Sustaining Customer Value : A path to Glory –15th 16th April 2011at ITS Gaziabad.
  6. Participated in the round table of Directors Conference on ‘Leveraging Education Technology in MBA Education’ organized by MBAUniverse.com an annual. March 4, 2011
  7. Participated in the round table Seminar on ‘Nursing and Allied services Opportunities –UK and India Investment’ organsied by FICCI on 30th
  8. Chaired a session on Retailing in the annual seminar of Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research, New Delhi BVIMR in 2008.
  9. Presented a talk on marketing in a workshop by IIT management centre 2008
  10. Chaired the Seminar Session in the International Conference on ‘WTO and its Impact on Developing Economies’ at IIC Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research, New Delhi BVIMR in 2006.
  11. Speaker in IFTF-International Fashion Technology Forum 2006 at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi- key speaker on ‘Retail Opportunities in India’
  12. Speaker on Retail opportunities, in the Annual Seminar ‘Serveskriti’- The Culture of Service. The paper extract got published and presented in ‘Serveskriti’ on the Importance of Services in the Indian Context in Feb 2005 by Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi and Business World. 
  13. Speaker in the CII organized Texcon conference in Ludhiana, India in Nov. 2005 – ‘Marketing in Optimistic Times” 
  14. Chaired a session in International Conference on Global Meltdown at FORE 2009 
  15. Presented and published 2010 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo“Marketing in a Turbulent Environment” September 9‐12, 2010 Hotel Okura Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

D.K. Batra  


  1. Provided consultancy to Raymond India for Training Retail Staff and Showroom Mangers -2003
  2. Provided training to ITC Geneva project export executives from DPRK Korea 2000
  3. Conducted training for Madura Garments and Gokaldas Exports etc-2001
  4. Was the team leader for providing consultancy for training retail personnel for Land mark Group Dubai.
  5. Currently working on a project with International trade center Geneva
  6. Worked on project by Ministry of Information Technology on Human body measurement conducted by Textile Dept IIT Delhi 2007-9 


  1. Teaching a range of subjects like Consumer Behavior International Marketing, Retail management Marketing Strategies
  2. Conducted an FDP at ITS Ghaziabad on 17th June on Consumer Behavior for all ITS Group of Institutions
  3. Conducted a session at AICTE sponsored FDP at Jaipuria Institute of Management – 20093.    Conducted two FDPs with ASCI for NIFT faculty in 2003 and 2004 


  1. UNDP Research Fellowship on ‘New Product Development Route for Higher Unit Value Realization’--1996
  2. Manpower Requirements for the Fashion Industry’ along with Dr. Rajesh Bheda   NIFT-2004
  3. Contributed in research for the department and MOT (Ministry of Textiles) on ‘Competitive Challenges before Indian Textiles and Clothing Industry’ by Dr. Shriram Khanna- 1999
  4. Contributed in research for the department and MOT on ‘Potential for Promoting Indian Apparel Brands in International Markets’ by Indica Research-1999