Supriya kalla  

Assistant Professor

Supriya kalla  

Fellow programme in Management Management Development Institute ( MDI) in 2011 Thesis is on – Antecedents of Impulse Buying

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Mudra Institute of Communications ( MICA) in 1998 Market Research, Media Planning & Client Servicing

Supriya kalla  

Academic Experience

Faculty at:-

IILM, Gurgaon -2010-2011

IMI, New Delhi - 2012 onwards

Industry experience

Market Research 

Synovate (now Ipsos)

It’s a market research firm where I have led many projects for national and international client’s viz. Godfrey Phillips, Dabur etc. I was dealing with client research requirements related to new product development & brand management. My role and responsibility was as under:-

Conception and execution of the research process workflow through the primary research specialty of the agency research team. In addition, I was responsible for promoting the capabilities of the research team among internal and external clients. 

Essential duties and responsibilities:-

• Development of research and team skills of research supervisors and research executives.
• Representation of research team on major strategic initiatives and research consultancy to client executives at senior levels.
• Monitoring of research projects to ensure compliance with timing, budget and quality requirements.
• Participation in and contribution to client planning sessions. 
• Assistance to client teams and the planners in strategic planning.
• Resolving research issues and questions of methodology, analysis and interpretation. 


FCB ULKA & Leo Burnett

After Post Graduation from MICA, this was a very enriching experience as it provided an interesting experience of various functions and their implications on the business results. The activities and plans included forming, executing and directing the business' strategy for advertising, implementing advertising campaigns and supervising various advertising-related departments. Major clients handles were Coca-Cola, Bharti Cellular & Pepsico India – Lay’s.

Supriya kalla  

Supriya M. Kalla has done FPM (equivalent to PhD) from Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon. Her research is on ‘Antecedents of Impulse Buying’. She has published widely in national and international journals such as International Journal of Management Cases, Journal of Business and Retail Management Research, Global Business Review. Her papers have been selected in national and international conferences. Before joining FPM, she has worked in market research and advertising for eight years. Her industry experience involves consumer insights for competitive marketing solutions, usage and attitude studies and brand development studies. She has done her post graduation from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA). Her current research interests are in the following areas:-

  • Methodological Areas: Qualitative and quantitative research methods in theory and model building. Semantic Analysis, Relational Analysis, Content Analysis and Neuro linguistic programming.
  • Substantive Areas: Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, New Product Development and Marketing strategy

Supriya kalla  

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