Eklavya Upadhyay

Versatile business leader with over 16 years of international experience in strategy, business development, operations and program management. Proven expertise in driving initiatives from ideation to execution and a strong penchant for reviving programs spiraling out of control. From running wireless network operations of 3 cities at age 23 to establishing a B2B inside sales team to re-inventing a program management tool for 1000+ users in the past to more recent undertakings like establishing a 300+ people operations practice and increasing its revenue footprint, I have had a fascinating journey with myriad flavors. I have climbed mobile towers, made cold calls, executed go-to-market strategies, managed multi-million-dollar bids, formulated 100+performance dashboards and am in a relentless pursuit to break 80 on the golf course. I am based in Seattle and currently work for Accenture Consulting focused on Technology Advisory for the West Coast .