Interview with Mr Coumara Radja –

President – Global Business at ZCL Chemicals Ltd (Batch of 1991 - PGPIM)

How has IMI, New Delhi contributed to your personal growth?

"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle", these words by Napoleon Hill speak volumes. Association with a prestigious institute transforms you as an individual. In my case, IMI New Delhi – a premier management institute of our country – has contributed immensely to a positive growth, both personal and professional. Its impact on my thought process, decision-making capabilities and priorities was metamorphic. The USP of IMI is its distinguished faculty and pedagogy that motivates you to think proactively. It instils in you clarity of thought, and develops your analytical skills and emotional intelligence which are crucial for a fulfilling career. IMI paved the way for me to travel extensively to over 65 countries around the globe and enriched my understanding and appreciation for various cultures of the world.

What is the leadership mantra that you would like to share with the students of IMI New Delhi?
Some of the leadership qualities like authenticity, integrity, ethics and credibility are a mainstay. However, being result oriented as well as people oriented is indispensable in today’s world. To adapt to situations and comprehend them, develop holistic perspectives and take the right decisions, and executing them effectively is the key to leadership success.

Being associated with the pharmaceutical sector what advice do you have for people looking for a career in this sector?
In order to be an industry-fit you need to understand what the future of the industry and its segments would be. For an adept pharmaceutical industry professional a sound technical background and a good understanding of macroeconomic elements of demography, lifestyle and industry trends would be valuable. Important is the knowledge about therapeutic areas, global pharma companies – innovators and generic players – their current and future product pipeline, IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights), global regulatory authorities, and an eye on 'who is who' in the industry through international pharma exhibitions, conferences, magazines, articles etc. Smart professionals need to stay updated all the times.

Could you please throw some light on the current pharmaceutical industry vis-à-vis other industries that you have worked in?
Prior to joining Zandu Chemicals Ltd I had worked in the four different industries including banking, agro and printing. Of these, the agro and pharmaceutical are close to me as they touch human lives directly and substantially. Pharma is also an industry which is knowledge-intensive and is insulated against the cycles of recession. It continues to grow strong in terms of value, volume and reach. It also demands continuous innovation and throws other challenges which are compelling. I believe this industry in India, along with its global markets, will emerge stronger in the near future.

According to you, how has IMI, New Delhi evolved over the past few years?
After all these years, if there is one thing that has been constant at IMI, New Delhi it would be its distinguished faculty with its committed focus on research. During my time of graduation in the 90s, IMI was publicity shy but today I can perceive its inherent visibility in the country. Also, there has been an enhanced endeavour to engage the Alumni to create a well-connected Alumni family which is commendable. The IMI students – past, present or future – will remain its leading ambassadors.



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