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Faculty Detail

Vijay  Vancheswar

Strategy & General Management

Vijay  Vancheswar

Doctorate degree (PhD) in the area of Customer and Market centric Total Quality Management (TQM) and a Masters in Management Sciences and Systems (M.Tech) from IIT Delhi. Also hold a degree in Metallurgical Engineering (B.E.) from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Madras University.

Vijay  Vancheswar

Joined International Management Institute (IMI), Delhi as a Professor, effective October 1, 2011.

Preceding this during {2006-2010(part) and 2010-2011(part)} held the position of Group Head and Vice President with the GMR Group and Gammon India , both leading Infrastructure Developers, both nationally and internationally. In these assignments was responsible for the group’s strategic communication programmes across diverse businesses and geographies of the organisations. This included the strategising, planning and management of a variety of branding (internal and external) and communication initiatives for enhancing the group’s reputation scorecard. In addition, was also a member of the senior executive team responsible for the group’s leadership development and training initiatives. In between (April-September 2010) had worked at IMI as a full-time faculty in the Marketing and General Management stream conducting course and programmes on Business Ethics and CSR, Brand management and Business Communication skills.

Besides the above in a corporate career spanning over 25 years’, worked in diverse large multinational and Indian organisations including, ABB, Dabhol Power and DLF. During these corporate tenures was actively associated with Management institutes including IMI, MDI and IIMC(Indian Institute of Mass Communications) as an external cum visiting faculty in the areas of corporate communications, marketing services, branding and promotions, CSR and business ethics. Other areas of interest include complementing subjects related to spirituality, TQM, values and ethics with management practices, for enhancing both personal as well as organisational effectiveness.

Vijay  Vancheswar

Redefining the Marketing Paradigm", Vijay Vancheswar, The Economic Times ( all editions), Management Feature, page 8, Saturday, December 08, 2012

"Psychology and Smart Marketing", Vijay Vancheswar, The Economic Times ( all editions), Policy Section, page 9, Saturday, June 16, 2012

Internal Branding for Organisational success”, Vijay Vancheswar, Hindu Business Line, Brand Line, August 5,2010

Vijay Vancheswar and Purnima Mathur, “Dimensions of TQM in Indian Organisations”, Management Review, IIMB, September, (1999), Vol. 11, No.3, pp: 39-46.

*Have contributed articles on TQM, management and spirituality to leading business publications including Economic Times. Have been a regular contributor to the ‘Speaking Tree’ column of Times of India.

Vijay  Vancheswar

Have been a lead presenter on behalf of the corporate sector on topical issues across diverse print, television and related media channels in conferences and seminars Have attended international training forums and seminars including the international communications training for global communication managers held at Zurich, Switzerland by ABB during the period 1997-2000 on Branding, Reputation Management and related areas of Marketing.

Vijay  Vancheswar

TQM, Soft Skills including non-verbal and written communications, application of Spiritual ethos for enhancing organisational effectiveness and Management Programmes in the areas of coaching and corporate and organisational communications.



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