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Gauri  Shankar


Gauri  Shankar

M.Com (Gold Medalist) Delhi,
Ph.D (Delhi School of Economics) Delhi.
Gold Medal, prizes, scholarship, Roll of Honour.

Gauri  Shankar

A) Length of Experience : 43 years 

B) Name of the University/College :

i) Served Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini as Director for one year from August, 2007 to July, 2008.
ii) Serving Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi as a Faculty Member from. July, 1971.to August 2013
iii) Served Sherubtse College, Bhutan as a Subject Expert on deputation under Colombo plan for a period of two years from September, 1988 to August, 1990.
iv) Taught M.Com. Students in the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi under Co-operative Teaching Scheme of the University from 2005 to 2007.
v) Taught students of Master in Human Resource and Organizational Development (MHROD) in the Department Of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi from 2005 to 2011.
vi) Teaching students of Master in International Business (MIB) in the Department Of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi from 2009 to 2014
vii) Taught Students of Post-Graduate Diploma in Global Business Operations in SRCC from 1999 to 2013.
viii) Taught in Fore School of Management to the students of "Three Years Part Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Working Managers Group)" from October to December 2013.
ix) Teaching in International Management Institute , Delhi w.e.f. February 2014
x) Taught M.Com Students of Rajasthan University and Himachal Pradesh University under their Personal Contact Programmes. 
xi) Taught M.Com. and M. Phil. Students of Goa University in Goa on their invitation in January, 1992.
xii) Have been a Resource-Person in Several Summer Institutes for the PostGraduate Teachers of Commerce.

Administrative Experience 

1) Director: Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), Rohini, Delhi: August, 2007- July, 2008.
2) Advisor to Marketing Club, Finance Club and Human Resource Club: JIMS: 2007-2008
3) Superintendent of GGS IP University Examinations: JIMS: 2007-08
4) Member of Academic Advisory Council: JIMS: 2007-08
5) Member of Board of Studies: School of Business, GGS IP University: 2007-08
6) Bursar: SRCC: July 1994- June1996
7) Deputy Superintendent of Examinations: SRCC: April 1992-May 1995
8) Chairman: SRCC Co-operative Bank: July 1994-June 1996
9) Secretary: SRCC Co-operative Store Ltd.: 1991-97 & March 2005- August 2013.
10) Course Co-ordinator: CPDHE Refresher Course: April 27, 1992-May 15, 1992
11) Course Co-ordinator: PGP in GBO: SRCC: 2003-05; 2006-07; 2009 - 2013
12) Editor: Business Analyst: 2002-04
13) President: SRCC Staff Associations: November 1993-October 1994
14) Founder President: SBM Sr. Secondary School Alumni Association: 1991
15) Head of the Department of Commerce: SRCC: 1991-92
16) Member of SRCC Governing Body: 1994
17) N.S.S. Programme Officer: 1988-89
18) Convenor of the following:

a) Admission Committee (Commerce) : 1991-92
b) Time-Table Committee : 1991-92
c) Fee Concession Committee : 1994-96
d) Café Committee : 1994-96
e) Provident fund committee : 2009 -13

Gauri  Shankar

Dr. Gauri Shankar has a brilliant academic record. He is a Gold-Medalist in the Master's degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi. He started his career as a lecturer with Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi, his alma mater, in 1971. He earned his doctoral degree from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He was appointed as a subject- expert  to serve Sherubtse College, Bhutan under the technical co-operation scheme of Colombo Plan for a period of two years from September, 1988 to August, 1990: He served Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector-5, Rohini as a Director for one year from August, 2007 to July, 2008.He is associated in various capacities with several business schools, universities, professional institutions and publishing houses.

At Jagan Institute of Management Studies, he initiated the establishment of value education cell and
schemes of 'mentoring', 'shadowing' and 'working in groups'. He re-emphasized the student-centric learning and streamlined systems and procedures to ensure smooth functioning of the institution. He contributed to the corporate life of Sherbutse College Bhutan by preparing a favorable case for the introduction of B.Com. (Hons.) Course, which was subsequently accepted by the University of Delhi.

He has contributed significantly to the corporate life of Shri Ram College of Commerce as Bursar, Superintendent of University Examinations, Co-ordinator of GBO Post-Graduate Course, CPDHE Course Co-ordinator, Editor of Research Journal, Head of Commerce Department, Chairman of SRCC Co-operative Bank, Secretary of SRCC Co-Operative Store, President of SRCC Faculty Association, NSS Programme Officer, Member of SRCC Governing Body, etc.

He has to his credit over five dozen articles, book reviews, write-ups and research publications which have appeared in leading periodicals. In addition to several text-books, he has authored a research level book entitled 'Management Motivation and lob-Performance'. In recognition of his significant contribution to professional management, he has been admitted as Life Member of All India Management Association and as a Life Professional Member of Delhi Management Association. He is also a Life Member of several other organizations including Psycho-Educational Society, New Delhi and HRD Network-Delhi Chapter.

Gauri  Shankar

Published Work

Text Books: 2
Research Papers: 16
Write-ups: 2
Articles of General Interest: 25
Book-Reviews : 16
Comment on Contemporary Issues 10

Total : 72



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