Asha Bhandarker  

OB and HR
Distinguished Professor
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Asha Bhandarker  

  • 1981-1985: Doctoral Fellow with ASCI, Hyderabad, registered with the Department of Business Management, Osmania University Hyderabad, India. Organizational Behaviour area - Dissertation title “Managerial Stress - A Study across Public and Private Sector”.
  • 1978-1980 M.A. Psychology - Osmania University, Major - Organizational Behaviour.

Asha Bhandarker  


  • 2014 -2015, Dean international Relations and Consulting, IMI Delhi
  • 2013 till Date, Centre Head, Centre for Leadership and Diversity, IMI Delhi
  • 2012 to date, Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior at IMI-Delhi
  • 1999 -2012 Raman Munjal Chair Professor of Leadership Studies, MDI – Gurgaon
  • 2011-2012 Dean Research and Consulting MDI-Gurgaon
  • 2005-2008 – Founding Chair PGP-HR,MDI-Gurgaon
  • 2006-2010 – Founding Chair PGPIM, MDI-Gurgaon
  • 2003-2004 - Chair OB Area, MDI-Gurgaon
  • 1997- 1999 - Director, Lead Centre, Hyderabad,   India
  • 1995-1996 -Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Chair H.R.D Area, Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad.
  • 1985-90, Faculty, IPE Hyderabad.
  • 1980-84- Doctoral Fellow, ASCI Hyderabad. 


  • Aug-2004- May 2005 Visiting Professor at the Darden School of Business , University of Virginia, USA
  • Sept-Nov 2004- Visiting Professor at the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, USA
  • Visiting professor at ESCP –Europe which is ranked as number 1 in Europe
  • Visiting fellow at the London Business School, UK
  • Nov.   2000, Visiting Professor at the ICBT, Sri-Lanka on behalf of ESCP, France.
  • 1997-2000, Consulting and Training Assignments in Egypt and Mauritius.
  • Widely travelled to different parts of the world especially North America and Europe.

Asha Bhandarker  

ASHA BHANDARKER, M.A. (Psych-Organizational behavior), & PhD (Business Management)

I have the rich experience of teaching for the last 30 years and have worked very actively in the corporate sector conducting training, research as well as consulting in the corporate world for the last 28 years. I am one of the few Indian professors of business management with the opportunity to conduct workshops at the board level of leading public sector organizations like Western Coal Fields, SAIL, Power-grid and IFFCO; Banks like Canara Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Dena Bank, Union Bank of India; MNCs like Siemens India, Bayer India, Du Pont, New Holland Tractors, Maruti Suzuki, FIAT etc. I am an invited HR expert on the board level HR committees of banks like Bank of Baroda and Corporation Bank.

I have published 8 books (2 of them award winning) as well as 40 Research Papers (1 award winning paper) and Teaching Cases (1 award winning case) published in peer reviewed national and international journals.

I have also held various positions of academic administration. Previously, I have served as Dean International Relations and Consulting at IMI- Delhi; Dean Research, founding Chairperson of 2 post graduate level programs – PG-HR and PG-IM and Area Chair at MDI-Gurgaon and have also tried my hand at running a consulting firm for a few years. My teaching as well as research work has been recognized and rewarded, the most notable one being the Senior Fulbright Fellowship (for Research). I have experimented and brought innovative pedagogy into teaching in the classroom and also for training in industry (Out-Bound Experiential Learning). I have also produced half a dozen Ph.ds.

I am a member of various professional associations like the Academy of Management, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Indian Society for Training and Development and National HRD Network.

All told I have made significant contributions to the field of Organizational Behavior and HR in India as a Scholar, Trainer, Consultant, Researcher and Administrator. In my view I have shown a high level of academic leadership in the field of management education in India. I am widely travelled and have lived in different parts of the world.

Asha Bhandarker  


  • Leadership Odyssey: Darkness to Light ( Sage International New Delhi) with Dr P Singh and Snigdha Rai, 2015
  • Millennials Meaning of Workplace: Challenges for building the organizations of the future. (Sage International New Delhi, Singapore, London, San Francisco). With P Singh and S Rai, 2012
  • In Search of Change Maestros (Sage International New Delhi, Singapore, London, San Francisco) with P Singh, 2011
  • Shaping Future Leaders: What B Schools Don’t Do., Sage Publications, December, 2008
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  • ‘Bhandarker, A., Relationship between values and workplace: An exploratory analysis’, Facilities,(Emerald Publishing, UK), 29 (11/12) with Singh, P., Rai, S. & Jain, A.K. (2012). ( Award winning paper)
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  • ‘Effective Leadership at Zensar Technologies: Riding the Wave of Change’, Asian Case Research Centre (ACRC), Hong Kong (with Sumita Rai), January 2012.
  • ‘Catapulted to Leadership’ published in JOBE –Journal of Business Education, Darden School of Business, UVA, USA, Jan 2011 (with M Lahiri);
  • ‘Maruti Udyog- HR as Transformation Partner’, 2011, Ivey Case Collection (2011) with Anita Ollapally ( Award Winning Case)
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Accepted for publication:
  • ‘Bank of Baroda-Transformation Case’, Ivey 2014
  • ‘Competency of Business School Graduates’, Ivey 2014
  • ‘New Holland Tractor’, Ivey 2014. 

Ongoing research projects:

  • Leadership Beyond Gender.
  • Followers’ reaction to toxic leaders: Perceptions and Coping Mechanisms 


  • Paper presented in the 12th colloquium of APROS ( Asia –Pacific Researchers in Organizational Studies), , ‘In Search of a Leader-Followers’ Quest’, December 2007
  • ‘Leading in 21st Century: Lessons for winning the Corporate Olympiad’, Bhandarker and Singh, Paper presented at a Conference on High Performing Organizations , IIM-Lucknow , March, 2000
  • ‘Dilemma of Change: Managing through Leadership’, AMDISA (Association for Management in South Asia) conference, in Bangladesh, Feb.1994.
  • ‘Strategic Thinking: New Agenda for the Indian Corporate Sector’, the AMDISA (Association for Management in South Asia) conference in Nepal, 1992.    
  • ‘Transformational Leadership: Case of IFFCO, Phulpur’ presented at the International Conference on “Leadership Motivation and Training Issues in Developing Countries” organised by ICPE - and IPE at IPE, Hyderabad, India, Dec. 1990.
  • ‘Cultural Ethos in Organizational Milieu - Framework for Organizational Building’ paper presented at the International Conference on “Organizational Behaviour for Social Development” at IIM Ahmedabad, 1986.

Asha Bhandarker  

Some Notable Achievements

  1. Board Level Involvement:
    • Have the distinction of being one of the very few management professors who conducts Board level workshops in the corporate sector. Such work has been done on themes like Building Work Culture, Leadership Development, Organizational Vision Building, Team Building in public sector companies like PGCIL, SAIL, in public sector banks like Corporation Bank, Bank of Baroda as well as in private sector companies like Maruti Udyog and Du Pont. 
    • Invited HR expert on the board level committees of banks like Bank of Baroda, and Corporation Bank 
    • Outside HR expert on the promotion committee of the senior level in Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab National Bank and Central Bank of India.
    • Member B School Accreditation Committee of the NBA.
    • Member of the sub-committee on Higher Education established by the Planning Commission, 2012.
    • Member of the Jury for award of the Tejeshwar Memorial Fellowships - Sage Publications, India, 2009.
    • Member selection committee of Senior Fulbright Fellowships /Hubert Humphrey Fellowships – 2003-2007 onwards for USEFI, India
    • Member Board of Studies AIMA-CME, 2007
    • Senior Fulbright Fellowship to study the Best Practices of US Business Schools 2004-2005 
  2. Administrative:
    • As Dean Research (2011) at MDI successfully revamped the doctoral program and brought it closer to global standards with focus on high quality.
    • Founding Chair of the Post Graduate Program in International Management at MDI (2005): Played a key role in setting up this program, design and delivery of this dual degree program.
    • Founding chair of the Post-graduate program in HR (2004) at MDI in collaboration with the NHRDN (national HRD network) in 2004. This involved co- development of the program along with senior HR heads from Tatas, Godrej, Maruti etc.: 
  3. Academic:
    • Selection as Distinguished Professor at IMI has been for my Academic Achievements.
    • Selection as Raman Munjal Chair Professor of Leadership Studies at MDI Gurgaon for research work in the area of Leadership.
    • Recipient of the Senior Fulbright Fellowship of the United States Education Foundation, considered to be a high honor for an Indian professor. Awarded to me for studying “Business Education in Leading American Business Schools”. In this connection, visited and studied the practices and pedagogies in leading business schools like Kellogg School, Ross School of Business-Michigan Ann Arbor, Weather-head School of Management in Cleveland, Ohio, Darden School of Business, VA.
    • Article entitled “Relationship between values and Workplace:  An Exploratory Analysis” (P singh, A Bhandarker et al) published in Facilities (an international journal) has been chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network (UK) Awards for Excellence 2012.
    • Case on Maruti Udyog- HR as Transformation Partner, selected as one of the top cases in a national level competition launched by Ivey Business School (Canada)-ISB (Hyderabad) in India in 2010
    • Best Teacher Award –PGP-HR 2005-2007 , MDI-Gurgaon (Students Choice )
    • Feedback in teaching and training programs – ranging from 4.00 4.80 in training and teaching
    • Leadership Thinker Award, 2014, Top Rankers.
    • Awarded the Best Book Award by the DMA and the ISTD ( India) for the book ‘ Winning the Corporate Olympiad: Renaissance Paradigm ‘ (2002).