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Faculty Detail

Meenakshi  Nagarajan

Associate Professor
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Meenakshi  Nagarajan

PhD (FMS, Delhi)
Masters in International Business (Delhi School of Economics)

Meenakshi  Nagarajan

20 years in academics
Institutes taught/ teaching - International Management Institute New Delhi
                                                    Goa Institute of Management

                                                    TAPMI, Manipal
                                                    NIILM Centre for Management Studies

Subjects taught

Marketing of Services
Qualitative Research 
International Marketing
Marketing Management 

Meenakshi  Nagarajan

Meenakshi is an associate professor at International Management Institute New Delhi. She has more than 20 years of academic experience.  She has worked with Goa Institute of Management and TAPMI before joining IMI. Her research interests include Consumption taboos, Platform businesses especially Sharing economy, Qualitative research, Marketing of services, International marketing, and Marketing strategy. She has published papers in leading journals including International Journal of Consumer Studies, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Development & Learning in Organizations, Vikalpa, Management & Labour Studies, and Strategic Direction. She is an avid case writer and her cases feature in Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey Publishing, EEMCS and Vikalpa. She has co-authored a textbook on Marketing Management which is in its third edition. She is a voracious reader and a lifelong learner. 

Meenakshi  Nagarajan

Meenakshi, N. "Post-COVID reorientation of the Sharing Economy in a hyperconnected world," Journal of Strategic Marketing, Published online 26th May, 2021,, ABDC – Category ‘A’, SCOPUS listed.

Meenakshi, N. “Taboo in consumption: Social structure, gender and sustainable menstrual products” International Journal of Consumer Studies, First published 7th Jan, 2020, ABDC – Category ‘A’, SCOPUS listed. 

Sinha, Anamika and N. Meenakshi, “Design thinking for improving employee experience: A case of a Food tech company,” Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal,, ABDC – Category ‘C’, SCOPUS listed.  

Meenakshi N. and Anamika Sinha, “Food delivery apps in India: Wherein lies the success strategy,” Strategic Direction, June 2019, Volume 35, Issue 7,, ABDC – Category ‘C’, SCOPUS listed.

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Meenakshi  Nagarajan


“Airbnb influence on community living – a case study of Delhi,” accepted for poster presentation at the Asia Pacific ACR, IIM, Ahmedabad to be held from 10-12 January, 2019.
“Marketing, Lobbying and Public Policy in the times of Sharing Economy: Uber and Airbnb in India,” accepted for paper presentation at 12th Great Lakes, Chennai NASMEI Marketing Conference to be held on 20-21 December, 2018

“Sustainable menstruation practices in India: Challenges and Opportunities among Urban Middle-Class Women,” at the “International conference on Sustainability and Business,” at IIM, Calcutta, January, 2018.

“An Analysis of Intergenerational Differences in materialism in India,” at the “Listening to consumers of Emerging Markets.” in IIM, Lucknow, January, 2014.

“Intergenerational Difference in Values between Teenagers and their Parents, and its Influence on Consumption Behavior,” at the “Shaping the Future of Research in Marketing in Emerging Economies: Looking Ahead” conference at IIM, Lucknow, January, 2012.

“Changing paradigms of teenage consumer behavior in India” at the “International Conference on Emerging Marketing Paradigms in Developing Countries” in IIM, Ahmedabad, January, 2005.

Meenakshi  Nagarajan

Research Interests

Qualitative Research; Consumption taboos; Platform businesses especially Sharing Economy; Marketing of Services; International Marketing; Sustainable consumption; Marketing strategy



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