EXPGDM Curriculum

The Programme is spread over 15 months with two options:

  • Executive PGDM with International module: This option consists of 12 months of course work over four trimesters of 11 to 12 weeks each, and three months of field research project at the end of the course work. Of the 12 months, five weeks of course work will be carried out at IMI’s partner Business School in Europe. The remain in-class will be on IMI’s campus in Delhi.
  • Executive PGDM without international module: This option also consists of 12 months of course work spread over four trimesters of 11 to 12 weeks each, and three months of field research project at the end of the course work. The entire course work will be held on IMI’s campus in Delhi.

The complete Programme is of 90 credits, where each credit corresponds to the equivalent of 10 hours of classroom contact sessions. During this programme, students will complete 22 core courses of 51 credits, and 27 credits of elective courses in addition to field research project.

Participants opting for the international Module will do two courses with the international partners. Other participant will do two elective courses at IMI, New Delhi in lieu of the international module. A student also has an option to pursue a Course of Independent Study (CIS) in lieu of two elective subjects, as per the norms defined in the student’s handbook. Classes are of ninety minutes duration and each course (of three credits) would have twenty such sessions translating to 30 hours of class room interaction. The entire programme is normally completed over a 15 month period, with an upper cap of two years from the date of enrollment for completing the programme.

The indicative lists of core courses that are offered in Executive PGDM Program are :

Term I

Term II

  • Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • Managing People at Work
  • IT for Managers  I
  • Managerial Economics
  • Organizational Communications
  • Managerial Communication
  • Strategic  Operations Management
  • Marketing Management 



  •  Competition and Strategy
  • Excellence in Operations Management
  • Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making
  • Cost  and Management Accounting
  • Legal Aspects in Business
  • Macroeconomics Theory and Policy
  • Corporate Finance
  • IT for Managers II
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Creating and Delivering Customer Value



Term III

 Term IV


  • Business Analytics
  • Emerging Economies and Markets


  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics 


Elective Courses*

Wide array of elective courses, across functional areas, are offered in Term III & Term IV to enable a participant to pursue his/her area of interest. An indicative list of electives offered in Ex-PGDM is as follows:

Term III (5 Electives )

Term IV ( 3 Electives )

Digital Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communication

Quality Management

Working Capital Management

Project Management

Tax Planning and Management

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

Management of Banks

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Marketing Research

Marketing of Services

Wealth Management and Alternative Investments

Managing Executive Compensation

Competitive Strategy

Team Building for Excellence

Principles & Practices of Corp. Governanc

International Marketing

Business Forecasting

Business Marketing

Managing Innovation and Technology

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management

Consumer Behavior

Inorganic Growth through M & A

Employees Relations in the Global Context

Sales and Distribution Management

Business Negotiations Skills

Management of Financial Services

Business Modeling

Personal Growth Lab

Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness

Change Management

Business In Emerging Markets


Blue Ocean Strategy 

Managing Strategic Alliances

*The list is indicative may be modified, if required.

International Study Module (Optional)

The International Study Module is conducted in collaboration with leading business schools in Europe with the objective of enhancing cross-cultural knowledge and to understand challenges being faced by Global Managers. In this five week International study module students will undergo course work equivalent to six credits at the collaborating institution, visit industries, interact with business leaders, attend workshops and explore various business opportunities. This module will tentatively take place in April-May, 2018.

Field Research Project (6 credits)

The field research project for self-sponsored candidates will be undertaken for any company of their choice based on the data provided by the company. For Company sponsored candidates, the field research project is to be conducted at the place of employment of the participant. The project is to be jointly guided by IMI, New Delhi faculty and a project supervisor from the employer organisation (wherever applicable). The field project is an important and integral component of work in the Executive PGDM Programme. It provides an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their independence and originality, to plan and organise a large project and to put into practice some of the techniques they have been taught throughout the 12-month course.Successful completion of the Field Project is in essential requirement for qualifying the Executive PGDM Diploma.


Emphasis is laid on continuous evaluation of a student’s performance throughout the duration of the Programme culminating in the award of a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) score on a 10 point scale.


Teaching pedagogy would include case-based learning, class discussions, assignments, field projects, seminars/workshops, management games, role-plays and simulation based learning. IMI, New Delhi also organises a number of industry interactions to offer learning through a real life experiential environment.

Schedule of Classes

Classes for the Executive PGDM Programme are held every day at 8.30 am. This can extend up to late evening hours, including weekends, to meet the requirements of the Programme. Each class is of ninety minutes duration. Classes will commence from thefirst week of May 2017.