Fellow Program in Management (FPM),


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The Program

IMI’s two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management is designed to prepare students for careers in industry, across functional areas. The program equips students with strong conceptual skills to manage businesses in an integrated manner. The emphasis is on developing a holistic manager with a vision to take on the challenges of the future in a socially sensitive manner.

The programme is approved by AICTE and accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and internationally by the prestigious Association of MBA’s (AMBA).

Program Objective

The program has been offered with the following objectives.

  • To build awareness about the socio-economic environment, both domestic & international and its implications on business
  • To hone analytical and problem solving skills using modern day managerial tools to enhance decision making capabilities
  • To impart state-of-art skills and knowledge in functional areas of management with the objective of preparing students for cross-functional positions in Industry
  • To develop the students personality, integrated with strong values and positive attitude so as to be receptive to societal concerns and ethical conduct

Objectives of FPM

The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is the doctoral program of the International Management Institute (IMI). The primary focus of the programme is to prepare candidates for academic careers in teaching and research as well as consultancy in disciplines underlying business management. The programme includes intensive formal courses, individually pursued self study courses on special topics and at the core lies the research programme. The FPM students are expected to work closely in their areas of interest with the faculty members of IMI to further the existing theory and practice in the field of business management.