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Program Objectives

Fellow Program in Management (FPM),

Program Objective

Program Goals learning objectives for the Fellow Programs are as follows

Learning objective 1 : Acquire knowledge in the area of specialisation

Learning objective 1.1: To gain knowledge in general management areas in order to develop a foundation for the area of specialization.

Learning objective 1.2: To gain knowledge in specialized areas relevant to the research to be carried out.

Learning objective 1.3: To develop ability to apply acquired knowledge in order to solve management problems.

Learning objective 2: Acquire analytical and methodological skills required to conduct research

Learning objective 2.1: To develop analytic skills in order to solve research problems

Learning objective 2.2: To develop methodological skills in order to solve research problems

Learning objective 3: Prepare the scholar to communicate effectively

Learning objective 3.1: To be able to collate existing literature in the area of study and articulate research gaps

Learning objective 3.2: To be able to compose research output in the form of original and high quality management research writings.

Learning objective 3.3: To be able to articulate research output through presentations.