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It is the first-of-its-breed 15 months full time general management program that has been on offer from IMI since 1984 initially under the name of Post Graduate Program in International Management. The program is custom-designed for those professionals and middle level managers who would like to rapidly transit to leadership roles. Equally, it is a tailor-made program for grooming working executives who are identified to be ‘high performers’ by their respective organisations. 

Designed as a general management program, it offers a host of core courses cutting across various management disciplines. These courses provide the necessary foundation as well as broad perspectives vis-à-vis management theory and practice. Students have to mandatorily take up a field project work relating to a topic/subject that interests them. 

Starting from the April 2nd, 2020 the program would totally be for 15 months. There would be five trimesters of approximately 3 months each. The first four trimesters would be by way of classroom learning (along with industry engagement in different forms and styles) and in the last trimester students are required to carry out an in-depth field project work in their chosen field of interest. In tandem with AICTE norms, the program would be of 90 credit points (with 1 credit point being equivalent to 10 hours of classroom learning), with 84 credit points accruing from classroom learning and the remainder 6 credit points earned through project work. 

The program is designed to be a residential one. Thus, during the first four trimesters, all the students have to compulsorily stay within the campus in single occupancy air-conditioned hostel rooms provided to them. The underlying logic is that in any professional management program group learning/peer learning is as much significant as classroom learning.

The Program is approved by AICTE. It is accredited by U.K. based Association of MBA’s (AMBA)

IMI New Delhi now invites applications for 2020-21 batch, classes for which shall commence on 2nd April 2020.

PROGRAM DURATION : 15 months (12 months course work followed by 3 months project work at place of employment)