Course work and Evaluations:

FPM-PT course work: The coursework is spread over one year. Three trimesters with area specific/area/allied electives and compulsories courses. The scholar my need to do some MOOC courses prior to the coursework. The active course work is currently in a classroom contact mode and spread over weekends. This is followed by a written and oral C.E.

Comprehensive examination: On successful completion of the mandatory courses all FPM-PT the students would need to undergo a Comprehensive Examination- Written and Oral.

Thesis Preparation and submission:

Research proposal formulation and defense: On the successful completion of comprehensive examination, the candidate is required to form a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) for guidance towards the final thesis. Under the guidance of TAC, the student would be required to develop a research proposal and defend it in an open forum comprising the IMI, New Delhi faculty and other doctoral students. Post this the scholar is to be working under the guidance of the TAC towards completion of his/her thesis work.

Thesis submission and defense: Thereafter, on completion of the proposed research as well as the mandatory publication requirements of the thesis submission, the candidate would inform the Dean, Research & Accreditation of the same. Dean, Research & Accreditation, in consultation with TAC would recommend a Thesis Evaluation Committee (TEC) for the evaluation of the research work. The candidate would then be required to present a public seminar on the research findings. The candidate would be then evaluated by the TEC in an oral defense. After successfully defending the final thesis candidate is awarded the title of “Fellow of the International Management Instiute, New Delhi”. (For details, please refer to Handbook of Information for FPM students.).