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Centre for Social Sector Governance

Centre for Social Sector Governance

While business schools usually deploy their expertise in research and consultancy for the benefit of the corporate world for ensuring and enhancing private profitability, IMI feels that social developmental needs cannot be ignored. The agenda of a B-school needs to go beyond corporate profits or even increasing GDP to raising living standards and ensuring equitable, democratic and sustainable development. Development is not merely increase in employment, incomes and GOP; it implies the overall quality of life, expansion of individual choices and the ability to access them. To achieve these ends, social sector institutions, programs and activities have to increase their contribution. Formulation of appropriate policies and programs and their effective implementation should be the objectives of good governance. IMI intends to play a catalytic role and help in achieving these objectives.

  • Assist in analyzing and evaluating policies and programs of government and other agencies in this sector.
  • Identify issues, study trends, develop policy options and suggest strategies for addressing problems in the social sector.
  • Study the functioning of institutions engaged in the social sector and contribute to better management and governance of the institutions and organizations engaged in delivering services in the sector.
  • Collaborate and develop linkages with relevant national and international institutions and agencies for the attainment of the above objectives.

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