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Centre for Management of Innovation and Technology

Centre for Management of Innovation and Technology

CMIT is an institutionalized effort designed, on the one hand, to support and fosters innovative solutions to challenges within client organizations and helping them to resolve issues arising out of management of technology, and on the other, to promote improvements in productivity of the unorganized sector. Apart from addressing the needs of enterprises in the formal and informal sectors, the Centre also looks at the concerns of the central and state government departments, R&D institutions and development agencies with regard to innovation and technology management. The prime focus of the Centre is to make Indian economy, industry, and business more competitive, nationally and internationally.

  • To work as a think-tank on the issues of innovation and creativity. Inter - alia, to study innovation as a phenomenon, and identify and suggest strategies for promotion of innovation and creativity within organizations.
  • To facilitate the development of entrepreneurial and innovative business culture in India.
  • To study the role and scope of technology management in fostering competitiveness in the organized sector and suggest strategies for building organizational capabilities in the area of technology management.
  • To identify strategies for stepping up productivity of the unorganized sector through interventions in the area of technology and innovation management.
  • To develop management strategies which help build creativity among R&D organizations and bring out the full potential of R&D personnel.
  • To develop and position IMI as a key partner to new business startups and other organizations interested in building their business strategies around innovation and provide them the needed consultancy inputs.
  • To study best practices in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer and assist their adoption/adaption in the Indian context.
  • To develop and undertake research programs aimed at addressing the challenges facing enterprises in the areas of innovation, creativity and technology.
  • To develop and conduct a series of education and training programs aimed at management students, business managers and owners of enterprises in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology management.

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