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Centre for Human Values and Leadership

Centre for Human Values and Leadership

The human values signify ideas, actions and standards that individuals, organizations and societies find important, worthwhile, desirable or good. They include concerns with human happiness, well-being and nurturance. Value-driven leadership upholds and strengthens the a bove concerns in thei r respective spheres of influence. In times of major shifts in socio-economic order, the existence of human values is threatened and their relevance questioned. However, values being the only enduring force in maintaining unity in diversity, need to be preserved and strengthened with new vigor. The mission of the Centre of Human Values and Leadership thus is to promote reflectiveness about human values and value- driven leadership through research, public discourse, education and training focused on value-conflict and leadership in the contemporary times. The objectives of
the centre will be:

  • To undertake applied and action research in the area of human values and value-driven leadership in Indian and cross-cultural contexts.
  • To document and disseminate research findings though seminars, conferences, publications etc.
  • To design and conduct training programs and workshop for executives, academicians, trade union leaders, and civil society members to assist them in developing competency in providing value-based leadership.
  • To provide assistance in the development of curriculum in human values and value-driven leadership for business schools and other educational institutions

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